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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Another Blogger Beta Crash (#3)

Although the actual Blogger site does not make my browser (Safari 2.03) crash, visiting Beta Blogger Blogs (hosted on blogspot, of course) that have implemented some sort of hacks or 3rd party Page Elements or javascript have been crashing my broswer. This is the third time. The only reason I'm visiting these blogs (which I find through Google) is because I'm looking for information on how to customize Blogger Beta on blogspot (just in case I want the future) I'm going to post each time I crash. Since this blog is well-googled, maybe someone will take note, however I feel like I'm screaming in a vaccuum.

Also, when I signed up for Google Checkout, something there made my broswer crash too, so to complete setting my preferences correctly, I had to continue in Firefox.

Come on, I give my sites I design a good checkover in Safari, Firefox and even MSIE. And I probably have one billionth the resources as Google/Blogger. What's so hard to make it so that your code doesn't crash Safari? Safari!!! 2.0!!!! We're not talking Netscape 3.0!



Blogger Lavender said...

I tried to post a comment here in firefox using my regular acct and it wouldn't even post. it got all funkified. ah well.

11:55 AM  
Blogger Lavender said...

so, I went to the help page because everyone is having the log in problems with comments, and I saw that they recommend you just don't use safari, but switch to firefox! I myself quit using firefox because it wasn't updating pages. It kept viewing older versions of blogs, and it could be days by the time i saw new posts, and by then they were old. i don't get what is so hot about firefox. i think it sucks.

9:49 AM  
Blogger Ann said...

I myself am having no problems commenting on your blog or mine and I'm using Safari to do it. So their theory is whack.

I think it's a cop-out on their part to tell people not to use Safari. I mean, that's just nuts coming from a company backed by G$$gle. I guess I won't complain TOO hard because it is a free service (oh, like they don't make money through their little tie-in with Google AdSense) but STILL!!

Fix your damn code, Blogger.

That said, I do use Firefox...I have two eBay accounts and it's easier to use one browser for buying and one for selling, otherwise it gets really screwed up. I prefer Safari over Firefox personally, but I don't hate Firefox. It just seems...I don't have a clunkier interface or something.

10:10 AM  

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