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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Art Dream

Stan and I were at a party that seemed like something out of Europe in the 1700s, however we were amongst the peasants, not foppish noblepersons. I can't remember who we were with, possibly my parents, because Stan picks me up and holds me as high as he can and I'm calling out "Muzzah, Fazzah!" ala the fake German accent Mike Meyers had on SNL doing "Dieter's Dream." It is very crowded and we somehow manage to escape into a large, vacant palace with off-white marble walls with arches and columns. We notice that something is going on in one room, so we enter, and I see it is our friend Kay whom we haven't heard from or seen forever. She is having an art exhibit in that room. In the dream her art I could easily replicate...lots of scumbled paint with blacks, reds, golds and whites. Some had silhouettes of human figures against a rectangular color field of yellow ochre with grey scumbled over it. Nothing was really spectacular. I think her husband Tom was there too. There were also some people sitting off to the side, a mix of Blacks and Whites, working class types, not art opening types. I started to talk to them and we were laughing, and I thought it was odd that I was talking to and getting along with these very un-art types more so than the art types. Afterward, I went home and started constructing painting surfaces to do a series of small paintings with odd human figures with large heads, almost cartoony. One painting would have one figure, another two, another three, etc. The only way I could describe these figures would be "large heads with their mouths open showing teeth, very crude and abstract, utilizing red, white and black. I have no idea why I wanted to paint in this style. I certainly have no desire to now that I'm waking.



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