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Friday, December 22, 2006

Dream with Subterranean Kitchen Nook Greenhouse

I was in the yard of a house in the country...not isolated country, because there was another house maybe 100 feet away or so. I think maybe we owned the house of the yard I was standing on, because I looked at the other house and was thinking that maybe we could paint the side that faced us to match our own house on our property. The neighbor's house was dark green in color, maybe had several levels. As I looked closer, I noticed there was cheap plywood or masonite on the sides, painted to match the rest of the house. It looked added on to. The roof shingles were in very bad shape. There were people in the yard of the neighbor's house, possibly a landlord or realtor showing prospective residents around. I followed them to a very strange outbuilding. It was a little hut that covered some cement stairs. The man showing people around looked sort of like a cross between my late major professor and one of the vets on that Emergency Vets Animal Planet show, although in the dream he was neither of them. He said that if you go down the stairs in the hut, it leads to a room underground that you can use for a nice breakfast nook. I thought it odd that one would have to go outside, down some creepy stairs into a subterranean breakfast nook to eat. That sounded downright antithetical to a nice breakfast nook. But nonetheless I took a look at the nook. (sorry...couldn't resist) It wasn't at all like I pictured. Instead of going down underground, it curved around and then there were more stairs that went up, up into a greenhouse! It was a nice greenhouse that reminded me of the one on campus where they have the somewhat-annual Titan Arum, or maybe "The Plantorium" in Laporte, CO. Stan was in the greenhouse...I guess he had found it before me. But the really weird part was that there was this device in the center that acted sort of like a carnival ride. You sat on some sort of seat that was suspended by a rope, and it would swing you around the greenhouse, which now seemed to have enlarged quite a bit. It was rather fun, and as I encircled the greenhouse, I could get a view of the Capitol. It was very misty, sort of the way it looked yesterday evening IRL. Naturally, as all odd forms of locomotion in dreams inevitably end in disastrous ways, I woke up with a start as I was probably about to crash.



Blogger Stan said...

Sounds like a really wild house, maybe a little like ours in that some previous owners did some really cheep work on it. Would love to have the greenhouse part.

6:30 PM  

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