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Thursday, December 07, 2006

DREAMs of Birds and Things

I've had some odd dreams lately, but I've not really had the time nor desire to document them. They've been rather jumbled and intense, but hard to remember due to their very congested nature. I do remember parts of dreams from nights ago, one was I was holding a small bird, possibly the same bird that will resurface in my dream last night. In the other dream, I was in the living room with Stan, but @ the same time we were in a bed in a room that sort of looked like the small bedroom in Montrose, but on a grander scale. We had the windows open and someone I used to know from work @ Depressions (Laura) stopped by to collect a project I was freelancing on, except this was at night and she stopped by the window instead of at the door. We talked out the window some (it was a warm summer night, very unlike the way it is now), and she filled me in on gossip @ Depressions. IRL, Laura stopped working for them a few years before they went out of business, so she wouldn't be able to fill me in on it anyway.

A couple nights ago I had a dream I was on stage with Seinfeld and Kramer (no psychotic racist outbursts, fortunately) and we were doing a funny skit that just had me in stitches (I can't remember what it was though) and I was laughing so hard I woke up laughing, and in that state of laughing-while-waking, I had this incredible euphoric sensation that enveloped my entire body in a tingling manner, not like nerve-damage tingling or pins and needles tingling when a limb has fallen asleep, but good tingling, opiatic endorphin rush tingling. It was an incredible sensation.

Last night I had a dream that seemed to last forever. The first part that I can recall was that I was in a marketplace area with animals and vegetable stands. There were some birds, and there was one bird that took a liking to me. It was iridescent bluish-turquoise...very pretty, large hand-sized with a big head, sort of like crossing a bluebird with a peach-faced lovebird, but bigger. It decided it wanted to ride atop my head, so I wore this bird on my head for the rest of the dream. Despite this area was still like a market in a poorer country, we were somehow also close to Lamya and Russ's house, so we decided to go there. I don't think Russ knew we arrived, because as we were sitting in the living room talking to Lamya, Russ comes in from the outside and he is completely nude (PG-13 rated nude...just a side profile). He sees us there and I think he goes to put some clothes on. I thought it was odd...I didn't know they were nudists, and what is he doing walking around outside nude anyway? The strange thing is that Lamya didn't seem like herself...she had fancy large dark-tinted glasses and metal teeth and was having trouble talking, like the metal teeth were making it hard. She was also dressed not like herself...lots of jewelry, hair poofed up and sort of artificial looking. I thought it was odd. They asked us which car we took, and I glanced outside to point to our red van, but I point to a different red van instead, that has people in it. Then I see our van and the back hatch is open, and our dogs are in kennels inside of it. I tell Stan to go close the door, as I worry about our dogs being able to escape somehow. Outside, it looks nothing like L&R's IRL neighborhood, but instead like motel made out of adobe, and each unit is individualized with paintings in sort of an ethnic Mexican style, yet at the same time sort of upscale. I noticed that Lamya had been working on painting their apartment/home exterior but it wasn't completed. Also, there were some people from Depressions there, two women who used to work more in the publishing area (as opposed to us typesetting slaves). I think I was asking them to fill me in on gossip.

As the dream ended, the bird had not left my head, but when I woke up he was gone.

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Blogger Ann said...

I just realized after re-reading this dream, what with the decoratively-painted Mexican-style housing and wearing a brightly-colord bird on my head, I must have been posessed by the spirit of Frida Kahlo.

2:50 PM  
Blogger Stan said...

Frida - yes I can see it - Strange that lots of these images are references to Colorado.

7:35 PM  
Blogger Ann said...

Maybe I'm stupid, but...the only thing specifically Colorado are our friends. The Depressions women are Wisconsin. I usually have Colorado references a lot in my dreams anyway.


7:49 PM  
Blogger Stan said...

...and the Montrose looking room... I guess in dreams all places can be together at once.

11:22 AM  
Blogger Ann said...

Oh, but that was in a different dream several nights before.

11:24 AM  

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