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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Trilogy Dream: Puppy-Humans, Cat-Imps and Kittens in Old Photos

I'm not sure if all these dreams were dreamt together or if they're related or not, but they make a good trilogy.

For some reason, somebody handed me a small, naked male infant and told me to hold it. It was loosely wrapped in a grey blanket, and there was yellow stains on its belly from urine. It wasn't a White child, but not Black either...maybe Asian or Hispanic. It had a very round face. I was a bit grossed out by it because I'm not a baby person, and held it under its arms so the rest of its body swung freely. It started chewing on its blanket, but its face was so round and blunt, it looked more like my Pug, Lucifer Sam, when he was a puppy and would chew on blankets. I guess that sort of endeared me to the sprog...but not entirely.

Persephone (our old cat) was longer and even leaner than she is IRL, and she was wearing a red fur catsuit that pretty much covered her entire body except her face and a bit of her chest. The parts of her that were exposed were White Human-skin-colored (pinkish), so instead of looking like a cat, she looked like an imp (which is how I described her in the dream). She was also very jumpy and would jump up on me as I was standing. Odd.

I dreamt I was at an old wooden desk and I opened up the top drawer. In it I found items that belonged to my friend Barb. One was a letter wrote to someone named Steve, which I decided not to read, plus some photographs. One photograph was of pre-adolescent girls, maybe about a half dozen to a dozen or so, two rows of them lined up facing the camera. In the lower right side there was a me. I was holding some kittens. On my right side was Barb. We looked about 5-6th grade or so, but we didn't know eachother then. (IRL, I did have pictures of myself and Barb holding my parent's cat's kittens, but we were in 9th grade) But in this photo, her hair was longer (like it was in 6th) and I wasn't as skinny as I was in 9th, but I did have braces (which I didn't get til 9th) so go figure. Then the picture started to move as if it was video in paper form. I was talking about something. There was also a fascinating building that we were standing in front of. It was an apartment building about 4 or 5 stories tall, dark brick, with rounded glass windows on enclosed patios on the sides (i.e., the windows weren't circular-shaped; they were tall rectangular windows, but they were rounded so they weren't flat on a plane...if that makes sense). The building actually looked more like some china cabinets I've seen...but on a grand architectural scale. I was still confused about when this picture could have been taken, especially with all these other girls, but I remembered that there was a time when I went on a picnic with her family down to a beach and we had a potluck and there were a lot of other people there (not IRL, but in dream logic I remembered this). Then, don't tell me how this happened, but I look up from the desk and there I am, right in front of the actual building that is in the picture I am holding. The building location (not the building itself) reminds me of a couple areas here on the east side of is on Rusk Street as if comes off of Atwood and Starts to curve...there's some nice old BIG Victorian/post-Victorian frame houses there (but not red brick), and the other is down on Jenifer/Spaight near the Orton Park Beach where there are a lot of old Victorian houses. It was a very weird sensation to be right in front of the building you saw in a picture taken decades ago in another state. Then, I think Barb came in later and I was explaining to her the weirdness of the house/photo thing, and I'm talking about how things like this can happen even if you're an atheist, and that Stan and I have a name for this and it's called..and then I woke up, right then and never got to finish what I was saying.



Blogger Lavender said...

I like the word sprog! that is so funny. babies can get pretty gross sometimes, lol! i would love to see a cat in a cat suit, but I can't imagine putting a cat into one.

9:46 AM  
Blogger Stan said...

Strang baby and pet dreams.

So.. is the word - for the photo and building kind of thing - a sort of "plate of shrimp"? kind of word?

Very wild Twin Peaks dream kind of thing. Perhaps it is a kind of 'life immitating art' imagery.

8:14 PM  
Blogger Ann said...

Dawn, when I was a kid, my grandmother (Dad's mom) gave me this ridiculous stuffed toy which was a stuffed rabbit, but it wasn't your average cute cuddly plush bunny. It had a plastic face that was humanesque, but the rest of it was red fur and it had rabbit ears. I'm not sure if was supposed to be a weird bunny or a baby doll in a (unremovable) cat suit with bunny ears. Rather sick. What's even sadder is that's the only gift I ever remember her giving me.

Stan, It didn't have that "plate of shrimp" feeling to me. Instead it was like that thing we discussed with Bill...being poked around in a petri dish while some other unseen beings study our reactions.

10:15 AM  
Blogger Lavender Dawn said...

that doll sounds wrong! cool petri dish analogy.

12:01 PM  
Blogger Lavender Dawn said...

ooo its fixed! i am me!

12:01 PM  

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