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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The Camera

IRL Yesterday we had to take the van in to get a bunch of work done to it. Stan turned on the CD player to make sure we weren't leaving a CD in the player. Expecting to hear Pink Floyd if he heard anything, a very blurry "See Emily Play" warbled distantly. We realized this was no CD of ours, but a radio station...a distant, low-end of the FM dial radio station. But "See Emily Play?" "Wish You Were Here", ABITWII, Comfy Numb, "Money," yeah, ok, but Emily? Since when did radio start playing Emily? Since Syd died, oh, yeah, right, now it's popular. Grr.

So I had a dream that I turned on the TV and I saw very early Pink Floyd (post-Syd, but not by far)...they were so young...'68 or '69 at the latest. Of course I was watching Roger the whole time.

Well, yesterday was quite the bizarre day. Ever since I got back from vacation I was not able to shoot any of my jewelry I created while on vacation, what with getting started with an eBay store (I do not sell my jewelry on eBay,'s just for Bali beads) and all that post-vacation resettling. But yesterday was the day I would *finally* have time to shoot. I layed all my jewelry out on the bed, shot about 6 sets (12 shots) and then the card was full. Huh? I should have 32 shots on my card. Then I realized I still had Stan's 16-shot card in the camera and it was full of some plant shots. Naturally, I couldn't find my card, so I had to annoy Stan at work about it. So I put the new card in, and before I could shoot the next set of jewelry, I dropped the camera. It was only about a 2-foot drop, and I know I've dropped it before I'm pretty sure. But that was it. Each time I'd turn it to a shooting mode, the lens would come out and then retract, giving me an error "E14." A bit panicked, I tried to look for the camera manual. Naturally, I couldn't find it, although among further digging I found it in the computer bag we took with us on the trip. In the meantime, I scrounged up something about a Canon and an E14 error online, but it was in Polish. The response to it was in German (?!?), which I could translate online. And the pronouncement wasn't good. You don't want to get an E14 error. Another site in English referred to "the dreaded E14 error" but didn't elaborate on what it was. I called the place where I bought my camera. They said I'd probably have to send it in to Canon. I went to a branch of the place I bought it closer to where we live. The manager said that it wouldn't be worth it to have it repaired, and that Canon probably won't even be able to repair it because it was so old (I bought it the fall of 2000). Technology gets outdated so fast now.

I knew this day would come some time, but I thought we could put the Canon S20 into a graceful retirement, shooting pictures on trips and at Pug parties, but not for the more precision work of shooting a 4mm Bali bead or down the throat of a cactus flower which would be the job of a better, more expensive camera with a powerful macro feature.

To make an already long story short, we, er, I should say *I* bought a new camera (I broke it, I buy a new one...Stan got off easy on this one)...a "Lumix" Panasonic FZ7. Supposed to have a great lens. We tried it in the store, loading pics I took (using Stan's rings as test subjects) into my laptop. Seems like a nice camera. So I got a 2 GB card to go with it. Naturally, all the Canon cards and batteries are not usable.

The weird thing...with all the accessories taken into account for both cameras, I spent about half of what I paid for the Canon 6 years ago. I guess if you're going to outdate technology so quickly, you damn well better make it cheaper!

There's a big learning curve.

But a great new also makes MOVIES!!!!


Saturday, October 28, 2006

DREAMs: The Brady Bunch?

I dreamt I was working in a hospital. I had no idea what to do. I would come to work, and my supervisors would see me (I sort of remember one guy...sort of blond strawberry hair, Scottish/English looking) but they didn't give me any training or anything. I had no idea what I was doing there. I don't know if this was part of the same dream or what, but there was an older African-American woman in an apartment. She had a whole bunch of groceries in paper bags, like sweet potatoes and bread. I think she was going to feed me. Then later, I had more African-American people in my dream, but I don't know if it was related to the older woman. I was supposed to marry some guy...he was sort of light-skinned black, maybe older than me, looked like maybe he worked an office job...I have no idea who he was. I was in his house and we were supposedly going to be married that day. I think his house was a ranch with a basement and sparsely decorated. He was receiving a bunch of furniture (because he was getting married?) and I didn't know where to tell the movers where to put it. He had about 3 sons (who didn't care anything about where the furniture went or about me either) and his last name was Brady. Very odd. I didn't want to marry someone else, but it was very odd because I wasn't fighting--I guess I just felt trapped in my situation and unable to do anything about it. I was wondering how I would get together with Stan after I was married to this guy.

I also remember walking on a sidewalk by some homes that were near some large body of water (I don't know if it was a large lake or an ocean). The houses were on a hill and had nice landscaping and flowers. The sun was setting and it was hard to see because of the humidity in the air diffused the light.


Thursday, October 26, 2006

I just discovered this...

The following was hanging around on a note on my computer. I hadn't posted it on the trip. Yeah, it's kind of outdated by now, but what the hell, I'll post it anyway. I sort of stopped writing on the trip after October 8 because a) that's when Stan's mom started getting better so Stan and I started taking daytrips so then we didn't have a lot of time to write and b) when we went to Ft. Collins on October 12, there wasn't really any place comfortable to sit down to use my laptop. Really. Then when we finally got home, Blogger was down for DAYS (I have no idea how Stan managed to sneak that butterfly post in there, because when I tried to blog something, it was like terminally busted) and then I was really busy. I still am really busy. I just opened an ebay Store. Lots to figure out and stew over.

Anyway, here it goes:

Sunday, Oct. 1: Dreamt Lucifer Sam was running around loose by a school near my parent's house and I had to catch him. Also remember watching a movie (that doesn't exist IRL) that was titled something like "One person's Volvo is another person's blah blah blah". That wasn't quite the title, but I think the gist of it is there. Then the actors sort of came out of the movie and started to get involved in my life. I didn't like it.

But here's the weird part. IRL last night I opened the shades completely on the large bay window so that I could see the night sky in its entirety. I don't know what time it was when I woke up...I want to say it was around 4, but I don't know...maybe it was earlier. I glanced at the sky and I totally freaked out. There were two clusters of aligned stars in columns and rows...kind of like if you took a portion of the star part on the US flag and put it up in the sky--at least that's what I saw. Now realize I am terribly nearsighted (also somewhat middleaged far sighted) and astigmatic. So I put on my glasses to see if that was actually what I was seeing. I even went to the bathroom and came back, just to make sure I was awake. As I focussed harder, the orderly columns and rows seemed to disappear, but there still seemed to be clusters, even if they weren't ordered. I went back to sleep, but each time I would open my eyes and look at the sky, I saw nothing but ordered (column and row) clusters. Now here's where it starts to blur between waking and dream. I can't remember whether I actually *saw* this or dreamt I saw this, but one time when I opened my eyes, I saw one long single column of stars. This then got further infused in my dream so all I dreamt about it seemed was seeing ordered stars in the sky in various formations and wondering when the aliens would land and get me.


Too many visitors...too many Republicans. Can't wait until Stan and I can get away by ourselves. Too many people make my throat hoarse. I am suffering from allergies terribly here too. Allergies may suck in Madison, but if I take a Claritin there, they go away and I can breathe with clear sinuses. Here, I have been taking a Claritin every day for about 4 days or so, and my nose is still stuffed (we call that Colorado Nose) and I am still having constant fits of sneezing. Last night I even had a nosebleed of sorts (not serious...just reddish when I sneezed), probably caused by the dry air combined with the dehydrating effect of Claritin. I AM SO GLAD I MOVED FROM THIS STATE. Nonetheless, it is still nice to be on the southwestern slope, scenic-wise, and hopefully we can enjoy that more as our stay progresses. Right now, Stan's mom just got released from the hospital on Friday, so we are sort of inundated with well-wishers. On the good side, I've made a lot of jewelry while visitors have stopped over. It's like...I don't know them...I'm just a party to a party of the party involved. I just can't stand to sit during idle chit chat. I hate it, especially when I'm not involved in the conversation. I have to be doing something, that's just how I am, and since we can't exactly leave (I guess that would be considered rude), then I'll just sit here and keep my business running, so to speak. I'm sure these Republicans would appreciate that, if they're worth their salt.


Monday, Oct. 2: I am not wanted here. I am invisible. I have been invisible for years, but this is the straw that broke the camel's back. I am really sick of it. If you listened to their conversations, you would not think Stan has a wife.


I have a 56 K modem. I'm only getting 28.8K. This really sucks.


Sunday, Oct. 8: I had a pretty funny dream last night. I dreamt I decided to do a figurative oil painting on an old acrylic canvas board about 24x36"...not exactly the medium or style which I currently work in. The picture was of two of my former grad school art profs, The Chicagoan and The Catholic. I was depicting them as sort of a mythological beast, legless and joined at the butt, like a long professor caterpillar tube, butt in the middle a head at each end. Hope that makes sense. I could illustrate it if I had my Wacom tablet with me, but then I couldn't upload it due to slow internet, so that's a bit pointless right now. It seemed like I was in a classroom, and the Chicagoan was walking around talking to students there. He passed me up, either because a) I am a FORMER student b) he could tell I was just starting on it and right at the beginning and not exactly ready for a critique or c) the subject matter was not worth his high priced professor wages to discuss with me. In the dream, I was getting quite a chuckle out of it all.


Haven't had time to write. Not much time.


Sunday, October 22, 2006

Butterfly for Ann

While we were in Colorado we went to the Butterfly Pavilion outside of Boulder with Bill. Here is a photo of a butterfly Ann liked a lot, and I think this is the first time we've seen this species.

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