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Monday, August 13, 2007

Kentucky Fried Chicken Scam

We went to Madison's East side KFC and ordered 2 - 2 piece meals - original dark meat - with corn bread - coleslaw and macaroni & cheese.

The person taking the order read it back with Mashed potatoes and biscuit instead.

We told them the order again and drove up to wait for the food.

This took a LONG time....We should have just drove off, but we stayed.

Then we got the order and went home to eat. The first thing we noticed it that it didn't seem as hot as it usually does, but this often happens with all fast foods. We both thought the mac & cheese and chicken didn't seem as fresh as it usually does, but we ate anyway. I save the biscuit for last (which should have been corn bread) and when I tasted it I knew what was up.

This Was Day Old Food!

I didn't finish my biscuit and put it out for the birds. Then I went to the trash to look for the receipt.

There Was No Receipt.

Well...This explains everything....These guys were saving food that was suppose to be thrown out yesterday and then selling it with out ringing it into the cash register. These guys were putting the money directly into their pockets. Now if I have a complaint about the food or want to get my money back I have no receipt. Very Cleaver...

I tried to call, but apparently these dorks are using it to talk to their girl friends.

In this case Kentucky Fried Chicken will not have our business for a very very very long time.


Blogger Lavender said...

Fry the pimply turds!

1:51 PM  

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