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Monday, August 13, 2007

Lobotomy! Lobotomy!/Sex Dream with Rove in the Background

What a unique time in history! Starting in September, we will have the first lobotomized president in office! Karl Rove, aka Bush's Brain, is leaving at the end of this month.

I heard this on the news this morning, but I was extremely tired and didn't process it other than to incorporate it into my dreams. I dreamt I was watching Karl Rove, but I didn't know whether it was in person or on TV. He looked different than he did IRL...he was taller, skinnier, extremely disheveled ...he had scraggly wavy long hair tied in a pony tail, sometimes it was dark, other times it was grey, with facial hair. He was wearing a leather vest and jeans. He looked like a stuck-in-the-70s drug addict one would find around the downtown saloons in Fort Collins in the 1980s. He kept moving around, twitching, jerking, like drug addicts often do, not stiff like he was IRL like during his Horrible Hip Hop "MC Rove" performance at a press dinner several months ago.

While I was "watching" this Karl Rove thing, I was also being pawed by some guy while I was in a store looking at beads and jewelry. It was turning me on. I thought maybe I could use him, but then figured it wouldn't be fair to Stan.

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Blogger Stan said...

This Karl Rove thing made it into your dreams?

Karl Rove as a long hair?

Radio Dreams are stranger than dreams.

3:13 PM  
Blogger Ann said...

I kind of enjoy it....using the news to form dream imagery. When I was young I used to listen to rock radio and fall asleep, and the music would do some wild stuff, like I would hear things that I wouldn't hear in waking life. I think it's the same concept of music sounding better/different on drugs...endorphins...opiate receptors....etc. except sleep is the healthy way to achieve that effect.

Did you ever see a video clip of Rove as a 20-something longish-hair back in the early 70s? He was a little twerp, not what you would expect from the Humpty Dumpty guy that he is today.

3:18 PM  

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