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Monday, October 01, 2007

Potted Spiced Ham and other Treats

OK, I got comment spam in the entry below this morning, not an offensive spam for p*rn or predatory lending (although the spam did mention the name Ad*m Sm*th which, if one could extrapolate, one could assume he certainly wouldn't be *against* predatory lending, being the father of the free market and all that capitalist libertarian BS...yet I digress--I'm not an economic historian so I don't know what he really would've thought of such a thing.

No, this spam was from some bloody clueless guy promoting his site and authorship, and his soon-to-be famous name. Did it have anything to do with my dog or my pet situation? Or a story about his dog? No. It was just blatant self-promotion and completely off topic. But it was so cluelessly off topic that it was rather amusing. I thought for a short while, I'll just leave it, with my own snarky comment about spam.

But then I realized this guy isn't quite as clueless as I thought. This is the whole point behind comment spam: it doesn't matter if the comment doesn't fit the subject...comment spam isn't supposed to be sneaky...finding people's blogs on a similar subject as your own and then slyly infiltrating them with your URL on relevant on topic discussions so actual interested parties will visit your site. No, comment spam is war...spam as much anywhere and everywhere because sooner or later, search engines will pick up the keywords in your comment and your URL and then you'll get hits...except he didn't really leave a URL. The only link was to his Blogger ID, so you had to go there to find his blog. Not exactly "direct" marketing.

I mean if you're gonna spam, SPAM!!!

So I deleted it. despite the humor involved (yes, admittedly, humor laughing at someone else's cluelessness), I still don't want my blog being used as a podium to promote spamming, or someone's site that has nothing to do with the subjects I discuss here.


This weekend we went to some pet shops to look for a kitty condo, and half-heartedly look at kittens. We bought the kitty condo for Caligula (and future kitten). He liked it, but he is too fat to jump up on the first ledge (we feed that cat the absolute bare minimum prescribed by the vet and we never give must be genetic). So then we had to get a shorter condo so he could jump up on that first. He now loves his condo, and I feel incredibly guilty for not having gotten one sooner. We've had cats for what...22 years? Yes, they are expensive, and yes, we live in a small house with not much room for such things. We have to keep it in the hallway where it hides some of our nice staircase because there is no room elsewhere.

Up until this weekend, I honestly didn't even feel ready to get a kitten. Having seen kittens at the various pet stores (and Stan, Animart's kittens are rescues...I looked it up), I feel I am now ready emotionally. Financially (especially after the kitty condo purchase) is another thing. Timewise is another thing as well, which is why we probably won't do anything until Stan's vacation time when he can help with this.

I don't know if Noah's Ark (pet store in town) kittens are rescues, but they are the best socialized. I assume they are unwanted kittens from litters, as opposed to "bred" kittens. They aren't kept in cages, they are free-range (a good word for everything except human children) so they are well-socialized. Noah's Ark is where we got Persephone 16 years ago.


This morning I was heating up some hot water and the tea kettle made a squeak that sounded like when Persephone was in the back room and would scratch on the door to tell us she wanted out. For a millisecond, that's what I thought it was.

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Blogger Stan said...

I hope you can keep the spam, even the lower salt spam, out of your blog sandwich.

I enjoyed seeing the kittens and cats too. Thank you for clarifying the Animart situation.

Caligula really enjoys the cat levels, "levels Jerry" and now I feel guilty for not getting our cats these kinds of things until now. Hopefully, this equipment will provide plenty of scratching post materials for any new cat or kitten.

7:52 PM  

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