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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

DREAM: Plato, Farm and Art Show Anxiety

I dreamt I was at a farm or ranch or very large greenhouse. Plato was there and he jumped over a large gate to get to me, even though he could have gone through some holes in the gate/fence. There were some young boys around 7 years old there, and Stan asked them whether they wanted to play with our dog or some other option that to me seemed less desirable than playing with a dog. They chose playing with Plato, so we let them go off on the ranch with him. Then I was walking through a greenhouse-like area, but some of the plants looked more like rocks, or trays of soft pastels layed out in rows. Then it got quite surreal. I was hearing Bill's voice, but I couldn't see him. Then, the greenhouse turned into art studios or the 7th floor gallery at the inhumanities building at the UW, and I had to sign up for a show schedule (another grad school graduation anxiety dream 15 years too late). Later, I saw Stan walking back to the entrance area with Plato, and I guess we went home.



Blogger Stan said...

Sorry that you are deeply haunted by the inhumanities building. For me every day I probably think about that place at least once and the memories there are difficult, dark and filled with sadness.

The rest of the dream sounds very interesting and I would love to see the plants that look like rocks and pastels.

9:58 PM  

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