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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Dreams with People Who Don't Look Like Themselves

The first dream was earlier in the night. I was in a large one story building, sort of like the art building at CSU or maybe the Student Center at CSU (except that place is multi-level IRL) I must have been a younger version of myself because I was waiting for my dad to pick me up. I was standing by an entranceway with a bunch of other people, the building looking more and more like the inside of a department store. It was cold out, with snow on the ground. I'm not sure if I knew the people (mostly women, if not all) I was standing with...I suspect maybe they were people I knew from CSU. I saw a blue Volvo drive by, and I told the people around me that was my dad. I told them I was going out to the parking lot to find him, but if he came in here to look for me to tell him to stay put and I'll be back. (But how would they know who my dad was?) Then I said something sarcastically like "You'll get to meet my dad. Aren't you lucky?" So I went outside in the cold, melting/frozen slushy messy snow to find my dad's car in a huge parking lot. It was taking forever to walk around the building to the main entrance, and I never did find my dad, so I walked the entire perimeter back to my starting point. I went inside where I had been waiting with the other people. My dad was there, talking to some of them, but he didn't look like himself, in fact, he didn't look like anyone that I know. The only thing that seemed vaguely familiar was his voice...sort of that monotone. He was much taller, I mean, he was even taller than Tim it seemed. Although he was bald on top like my dad, the pattern of the baldness seemed to cut much more severely into the back, making him even more bald, but the remaining hair was thicker, dark, and longer and was tied into a short ponytail in the back. (ok, this was definitely not my dad...this guy was much cooler) He was wearing a long dark leather jacket...totally not my dad's style. As I started to leave with him, I asked the other people what they thought of him, cueing them with my vocal inflections to respond about what a total dork he was, but because this guy was not at all what I, nor they, had been expecting, they were all a bit bewildered in how to answer me.

At some point, I had a short dream where I was sitting at a table with some other people. I don't remember any of them except for one woman who might've been someone I knew in college who was very overweight, but the dream person didn't much look like the real person. The topic of weight came up, and I said something that pissed this woman off. She then asked me, "Are you calling me fat?!?" And although I wanted to say honestly "yes", I said, "You are overweight, there's no denying it. Hey, I'm overweight too, ok?"

I was going for a walk with Stan. The location was a weird hybrid of Madison and Fort Collins with maybe even a little Montrose (CO) thrown in. The Madison part was around Corry/St. Paul/Waubesa/Milwaukee streets...around the tracks, maybe even on the "other" side of Milwaukee street...but it was combined with an area in Fort Collins on the east side that's much creepier in the dream than IRL. The RL version is around Stuart St. where an old outdoor theatre used to be (I don't know if it's still there). The dream version has a lot of creepy small white unkept frame houses with not many trees. As we were walking, we became aware that we were late for dinner, and one of our mom's, either mine or Stan's, was fixing dinner for us. I didn't want to be late, so I started to run. Stan did not want to run, so I left him behind. As I ran, I noticed that my body was much thinner than it is IRL. I was running southward, which doesn't make any sense in Fort Collins because I would need to be running Northeastward to get to my parent's house. Neither would it make any sense if it was Montrose because I'd have to run a helluva long way to get there. It would make sense if it was Madison, though...the direction I was running would get me to my own house. But as I got to "the house", it seemed to be more like Montrose, and as I was running I was approaching Stan's Mom's and Aunt's duplex on the Aunt side. I wondered if it would be polite of me to enter from the Aunt side, even though it was Stan's mom that was having the meal. At this point, the house also seemed like a recurring junior high school building that I've had in dreams before. When I got inside, I sat down at the table. Then I looked over and saw Stan, already sitting there. It freaked me out as I had no idea how he could have gotten there before me since he chose not to run. Stan also didn't look like himself...his hair was darker, shorter and curlier, and he had more of a pudding face. I asked him how he got there before me, and I can't remember what he said, but something was implied that he had gotten a ride. I was really pissed why he didn't ask me if I wanted a ride too, and I think I shouted at him and woke myself up.


Monday, March 19, 2007

Alt. Reality of the Flu

I have the flu now and often when this happens strange dreams, which seem to lack meaning, happen with being sick.

This dream took place in my childhood home of Yuma and Ann and I were in a house near the RR tracks off of Main st... a house filled with art where a man and woman who collected paintings lived with their dog and children. The dog didn't like people and was threatening to bite anyone who came near. Ann must have stayed at the house because I didn't see her for a while and I had to take classes at the high school at the other end of town. I needed these classed for work even though they were just ordinary high school courses, and I had a locker like I did when I was in high school.

I had a good cup of coffee in the class with me in the morning, but my teacher insisted she had better coffee. She took mine away and gave me a cup that tasted like it came from a coffee house of the same last name as my own. I wanted my original good coffee back and didn't want to drink the fluff she gave me. Then she took away my notes. This was too much, so I decided to go back to the house where Ann was.

I left the school and started jogging and a man who was a dwarf started to run along next to me. I was irritated to have a sid-ler and still longing for my notes. I decided to go back to the school to get my notes and hopefully lose to short sid-ler too. As I neared the school I could see that it was on fire and fire trucks were everywhere with white smoke flowing like a large water fall up into the air. I thought if I try to go back into the school for my notes they will probably blame the fire on me, so I turned around and started jogging back towards the house by the tracks.

The male dwarf was waiting for me along the way and on Main st. he jumped on my back and tried to strangle me. I tried to make my escape by locking myself in a nearby car. It got the man off my neck, but he managed to get into the back seat of the car. The car had the keys in it and we drove off to pick up Tim. I wasn't thinking of steeling a car, but I guess by using this car the dwarf and I were steeling it. We picked up Tim and drove out the the house by the tracks, parked the car next to the tracks, and then it started to rain.

The three of us went inside the house and started looking for people, and fortunately I found the dog first. The dog eventually settled down and let me pet it, and I was afraid if Tim or the dwarf found the dog first they might have been bit. Tim's really good with dogs and I'm sure he would have befriended it quickly, so I'm not sure why I was worried. We found Ann and the woman who lived there, but not her husband and I think he was someone we knew in undergraduate school, who was wearing all black back in the late 70s.

I tried to tell everyone that I needed to get back to school, and had to figure out a way to return the car too. I thought if I parked the car in or near the high school then the owners might think some high school student drove it for a while instead of something worse. It's not like we hurt the car - we just drove it a little - which is still steeling some-ones car and this bothered me. What am I doing?

I never ended up leaving the house and eventually Ann and I were in an upstairs room where she was painting. I was trying to clean the dirt and water off of the floor while she was working and the dream ended. The car was left parked out by the RR tracks with the keys in it, and I never did get my note book back.


Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Terry Matthesons

What should have been a simple art application process turned out to be a daylong activity...and that doesn't even count fine tuning the photos and writing the biography (I hate doing stuff like that). No, that was already done. All I had to do now was send the jpeg photos off to them along with the image list and biography. Since they so competently decided not to tell me what the dimensions of the photos needed to be, I kept the images as large as possible. After all, they wanted 300 dpi. That totalled about 45 megabytes. My email client has some limit on it of 20 megs. So I had to go back and resize the images so that they'd be less than 20 megs. I tried sending it through my gmail account online since all the recipients had gmail addresses, but that took forever, so I cancelled out of that and used one of my domain emails. I sent a followup to acknowledge receipt, and one person responded that they did not receive it. I resized again, this time I decided I would only use gmail and let it chug away at it until it was complete, regardless of how long it took. Then gmail gives me a message that my attachments are over the 10 meg limit.

You know, you'd think that before they decide they're not going to accept any hard copies (which is a bit unusual when they're asking for 300 dpi images...most applications like this ask for 300 dpi images on CD because of their size), they'd make some provision of having email accounts that can accept more than 10 megs of an attachment. Or, they should've put limits on the application, i.e., "size your images to be no more than 7" in any dimension" or "compress your files so that no file should be over 1.5 megs" or whatever. But no. Just "send 300 dpi images". Yeah,, but what size? What file size? That's involves too much effort when you already know who you want to use for the exhibits. So it was back to the drawing board, resizing the jpegs some more so that the cumulative amount would be less than 10 megs. This time I added some compression. I sent them off through gmail again, and sent a followup for an acknowledgment as well. I bet I don't hear from them one way or another whether they received them or not. I suspect this is a total Terry Mattheson operation styled after the Bush administration, i.e., "Loyalty over Competence".


Most pretentious woman at the grocery store today. She was going through the checkout when she got a cell call. She had one of those earphone things permanently attached to her phone and ear so that she could use both hands to do stuff while her brain was engaged elsewhere (like drive...oh joy). As she's paying the cashier she's answering a call "oh hi julie, yes I got your email blah blah blah" all the while she's trying to interact with the cashier. If it was me, I wouldn't answer the call while I'm interacting with another person. I just wouldn't do it. No call is that important that it should take priority over the people you're dealing with face to face. Or at least answer it and tell them you'll call them back. It's just so rude. And she just had that air about her that she was so bloody special.

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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The New Word for The Day is: UNBELIEVABULLSHIT

Every person I am dealing with today is a damn moron.

1) The "Well, they're new, so it's forgivable, but still how can you be so Stupid?" Moron:

I check my ebay feedback and find positive feedback from a name I don't recognize having dealt with. Why? Because they just WON THE ITEM A FEW MINUTES AGO! You're supposed to leave feedback AFTER you receive the item! OK, now I realize that sometimes people accidentally leave feedback for something they haven't received yet. This is an honest mistake. But that's not the case in this instance. How do I know that? Because their feedback says:

"cant wait to get them"


Oooh, but here's the best one yet:

3) The "Most Pathetic Scammer in the History of eBay" Moron:

I get a customer who purchased some widgets recently. I sent her an invoice yesterday. She emailed me this along with the invoice I sent her:

Please send me back a note to let me know that you got this email from me. I'll send you a money order shortly and please wrap them in lots of bubble wrap and mail them insured to:
(her address)

I wrote back to her and told her some additional info (who to make out the MO to, etc.) and:

"If you want to have them insured, please remember to ADD THE OPTIONAL INSURANCE OF $1.35 ON TO THE TOTAL, otherwise I can't insure them."

She emailed me back to tell me she had changed the total to include insurance, including a new quoted invoice along with my previous email. I couldn't believe my eyes...she had CHANGED my email to read "ADD THE OPTIONAL INSURANCE OF $1.30 ON TO THE TOTAL"! She had changed $1.35 in my email to read $1.30! Also, on the invoice that she was including, she had added $1.30 right next to the little space on the invoice where it says "Shipping insurance (Optional US $1.35):".

A Nickel? She's trying to cheat me out of a Nickel!?! I've had customers not include the correct amount of postage before (and I just wait for them to send the rest of it before I relinquish their widgets), but to GO BACK INTO MY EMAIL and CHANGE what I had written, and then try and sneak it past me as if that is what I had actually told her the insurance was so she has some kind of "proof" or something? Unbelievabullshit!

I know I am being more than kind in what I wrote back:

"I just noticed that you changed the $1.35 to $1.30. I just checked my sent email to see if it was a typo on my part, but I did INDEED write $1.35 for the insurance, anyway that is also what it says on the invoice (as an optional additional charge for the insurance.)

Just want to make sure you know that it is $1.35, not $1.30."

After that exchange, I have not heard from her. I hope she is embarrassed that she got caught trying to cheat on her insurance.

I guess no one can accuse me of having bitchy customer service. Maybe I shouldn't have been so nice, I don't know. Maybe I really should've called her on it. I just really want to deal with some competent (and honest) people for a change.

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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Going to Hell in a 3-piece luggage set

I don't know if I've mentioned my post-WWII-era retro suitcases before. I don't have luggage. I inherited suitcases. They are old...real old, like the newest one is from the late 60s. It's plastic...or PVC or somesuch. The older one is canvas over cardboard and it's old as hell. Plus I have some black travel bags that I got as free promotional items. So essentially I've not spent a dime on luggage. I figured it's about time I do.

I went to ShopKo and got a good deal on a 3-piece teal-colored luggage set (no more's too hard to see the contents and I don't think they make lighted luggage yet). I don't need anything fancy, but I was getting really tired of my embarrassing slapped together non-matching bags and suitcases. It's one thing to use those when we travel to CO to stay with parents...I know my parents don't care, hell, they're the ones who I inherited the old bags from anyway (old bags, heh). But this trip we'll be staying in motels and hotels a lot and I'd rather consolidate things in larger and fewer units. The irony, this trip down Route 66, sort of screams out for a blue plastic suitcase from another era. It also screams out for a Cadillac Convertible, but that's not exactly in our budget.

Anyway, as soon as we got to the checkout line, I could just tell the checkout lady, who was near retirement age, was going to ask us where we were traveling to. I just knew it. I could just tell. But by the time I loaded my items on the conveyor belt and pulled out my credit card, I had been completely distracted and forgot about that thought. I was trying to figure out which way to orient my credit card to swipe, as each swiper gadget is different. As a little boy passed by in the outer aisle, the checkout woman looked towards him and asked, "Where are YOU going?" The little boy looked her direction, but continued to skip by. Still preoccupied with the credit card situation, I wasn't paying much attention. I figured he might be a relative, and she knew him. Having swiped correctly, I was now trying to read the display screen and figure out which button to push. Then she looks at me and says "Is it hot down there?" I had no idea what she was talking about. I had been trying on clothes in the fitting rooms, and yes, it was hot there. Very hot. I guess it was hot down there, where the fitting rooms are, but...what? OK, was this some kind of a shortperson joke, like what people say to very tall people "what's the weather like up there?" except in reverse..."is it hot down there?" But the checkout lady wasn't any taller than me.

"What?" I finally ask her.

"In Arizona. Isn't it hot there?"

Now I realized what was going on. She wasn't asking the little boy anything. She was asking me "Where are YOU going?" while not looking directly at me. And Stan must have answered her, although I didn't hear any of it. Had I realized she was talking to me at first and not the little boy, I would've responded "on a trip."

"Uh, yeah, I guess it is," I said in response to her heat query as I'm still struggling to read the display on the card swiper. And because of my eyesight, I'm struggling to read the receipt she hands me to sign. She must have thought she was dealing with a deaf and blind person. She checked my signature *very* carefully.

Maybe I'm paranoid, but first she asks where I'm going because I happen to be buying luggage, and then she's scrutinizing my card, like she's thinking I'm a fugitive or something. I don't know, it was odd. Ever see those skits on the recent SNL where someone is buying something at Target and the checkout clerk starts talking to them about the product they're buying, asking them where they got it and just being a general yahoo? It was like that. I'm just not big on people you don't know asking you personal questions about the products you're buying. I mean it's one thing if you're buying shampoo, for example, and they ask "have you tried this before? is it any good?" because they're not asking about YOU, they're asking about the product. But asking where you're GOING? That's just a little too personal. Maybe I'm going to a funeral. Maybe I'm expatriating from the country. Maybe I'm going to Hell in a Handbasket, or at least in a teal-colored 3-piece luggage set. Maybe I'm not going anywhere, but I need some place to store the various body parts I've cut up and stored in the garage. Now that would've been a great response.

Is it hot down there? Duh. Just as stupid as when I tell people in the west that I live in Wisconsin and they say "Isn't it cold up there?" Duh. Maybe you should go buy some luggage and travel there to see for yourself.


Thursday, March 08, 2007

Hue and Cry...but only happy tears

The most recent *new* Photoshop Plugin I purchased was Flaming Pear's Hue and Cry. Flaming Pear is most famous for Super Blade Pro, the beveller/texturizer/materializer filter that creates other-worldly precious-yet-tarnished effects on any selection in Photoshop. Flaming Pear also has a few dozen other plugins both free and commercial at very reasonable prices. One thing I absolutely LOVE about Flaming Pear's Plugins that have an interface with controls (as opposed to ones that just apply one standard effect) is the dice. Click the dice and you get a randomized effect. I think there should be a law that mandates randomizing dice on all graphic software or plugins. I can hear the anal retentive perfectionists now, you know the kind, the boys from artschool who never got dirty in painting class but preferred the sterile environment of graphic design. Their work was technically good, but lacking in passion: "You should know how to use the software without resorting to the dice to create an effect for you". Bite me. Just because I like the dice doesn't mean I don't know how to use the software. And it's very easy with Flaming Pear because all their plugins are very intuitive. Dice makes experimentation fun, and sometimes surprises you with an effect you probably never would've come across on your own. The anal retentives were absent the day they studied Dada.

I downloaded a demo version of Hue and Cry, a "color noise generator" several years ago when it first came out, but it didn't knock my socks off at the time. I was still relying heavily on KPT 3's Texture Explorer for random color and patterns, as well as KPT 5's Noize. When I also got Alien Skin Textures, that gave me a bundle full of textures and patterns to play around with, generate and mutate. But I thought I'd give it another try. I downloaded another demo and fell in love with some of the color combinations it would generate. It was a sentimental attachment to something long lost that made me feel happy. But upon deeper experimentation I realized this Plugin has the ability to create effects very evocative of abstract modern artists. Upon clicking the dice a few times, I'd see vignettes of art history float by. I created the miniature samples exhibited on this page in the styles of the following artists in order from top to bottom:

Jackson Pollock, Georgia O'Keefe, Gustav Klimt, Georges Braque, Hans Hoffman, Wassily Kandinsky.

Hue and Cry works by applying colored effects in various modes to whatever shape you select: circle, square, diamonds, octagons, tvs, fluerons and points. You can also control for overlap, warping, complexity (which doesn't move from "0" when I hit the dice, BTW...must be a bug), softness and zoom. You can also select the saturation of the color, the hue, the "striping", and something called "doublure." And not only does Hue and Cry have one randomize dice button, it has three! The big dice mutates the most, the two medium-sized dice less so, and the three little dice button mutates in small increments. The only thing I wish is that there was a way to apply a separate dice to each feature so you can *only* randomize the color, for example, or lock certain features so you can randomize everything except the smoothing as another example. But for $20 (with free upgrades on future releases), I'm not complaining!


Reprieve for my Plugins...At least for a while.

When I first got on board with Mac OS X (10.1) in 2001 and purchased Photoshop 7 which ran natively in OS X and in OS 9, as well as in Classic Mode under OS X (or "Phantom 9" as Stan calls it), the Plugin situation didn't really bother me. I had a gazillion plugins from six years years of acquiring them, and I was planning on running them all in OS 9 or in Classic. Forever. After all, I didn't really *have* any plugins that ran under OS X other than the ones that are part of Photoshop, and as long as Photoshop could run in OS 9/Classic, why bother?

Flaming Pear was one of the first Plugin developerss that created OS X versions of all their filters. Then I bought the very groovy Alien Skin Xenofex which also ran under both OSs. And over the past few years, I eventually acquired a couple more Alien Skin packages, and acquired all the OS X versions of the Flaming Pears that I use, and eventually the OS X versions from Panopticum (Digitalizer, Alpha Strip and Engraver). I was also acclimating more to using Photoshop under OS X, and I liked it. It just seemed smoother, and the interface looked nicer. In fact, I was getting by pretty well using OS X. But with half my filters still stuck in Classic, I'd have to restart Photoshop under Classic each time I wanted to access some of those effects. Maybe I was just too much of a cheapskate to upgrade to the OS X versions of filters I already paid for with the Classic versions (The Flaming Pear filters were free to crossgrade) but I don't know, I think it's pretty understandable. Earlier this year, I decided to bite the bullet and upgrade anyway, costs be damned. Classic was starting to annoy me.

Because Xaos' Terrazzo, one of my all-time favorite filters, hasn't been upgraded since 1998 and has no OS X version, I decided to give the newly released Human Software's PhotoTessel a try. Like Terrazzo, it has all the 17 symmetry patterns that are so much fun to create incredible designs with. I ordered it along with PhotoRepeat and PhotoWeave (which I used to create the Plaids on this site). I LOVE PhotoWeave, I mean, hey, it makes Plaid, and the only other plaid software I've encountered was extremely expensive. The problem with Human Software is that the documentation is weak, not just in quantity but in substance as well. I've read and re-read the PDF manuals that come with it, but it still baffles me. I think these programs will have to grow on me. Maybe I'll have infrequent epiphanies of how to use them, much like it was in my first years of learning Bryce. I can tell these filters are extremely powerful and deep, but much is left unexplained in the documentation. Also, I tend to get a lot of spinning beachballs, especially in PhotoTessel, while any mouseclick seems to take forever to process. Also, PhotoTessel's handling of the symmetries is different than Terrazzo's. There is distortion involved, whereas there is none with Terrazzo. However PhotoTessel does allow one to rotate and distort not only the source tile, but also the way the tile is applied to the image, which can create many interesting effects.

I also upgraded my Andromeda software, Screens and Cutline. The upgrades are only $20 each (but of course with Flaming Pear that's the price of a whole new plugin with free upgrades for life). So naturally, the idea of paying $99 to upgrade my Kai's Power Tools filters rubbed me wrong. After all, I had KPT 5, KPT 6 and KPT Effects (7). I already had them, why should I pay almost $100 to get them again, except for a different OS? But if I wanted to use some of my favorite filters like Shapeshifter, FraxPlorer, Noize and Lens Flare in OS X, I had no choice. But still, there's something wrong with idea of one who already bought the licenses for the filters under OS 9 paying the same price as someone buying them for the first time. No upgrade pricing. Maybe if they'd thrown in a carbonized version of the KPT 3 Suite, maybe then it'd be justifiable. I mean these are POWERFUL pluigins, and a $99 first time price actually seems very LOW for 24 filters of this calibre. Make it $149 first time pricing (that's just a little over $6/filter) and $49 for the upgrade, then it would make more sense. But that's my only rant. The KPT Collection doesn't include *all* the filters from 5, 6 and 7. Missing from 5 are Smoothie, Orb-It and FraxFlame (FraxFlame II from 7 is included), and missing from 6 are Scene Builder and Sky Effects. I honestly don't remember needing to use Smoothie, Scene Builder was rather quirky and crashed, and Orb-It is easily replaced with Scatter (which I now have experimented with extensively like I never did before and LOVE). I do miss the original FraxFlame...somehow it seemed faster to render than the version II of it, and I did like Sky Effects a lot. But Alien Skin's Little Puffy Clouds can easily replace that one.

There were still some Plugins eternally stuck in the 20th century version of the Mac Operating System, and I will never, ever be able to use those in OS X. There's the incomparable Terrazzo. PhotoTessel, despite being able to do much more than the extremely simple Terrazzo, doesn't cut it. It's too complex, and Terrazzo is beautifully simple. Then there's the handy little freebie "Grid Creator", a Mac-only plugin that makes grids and lines that no other filter has ever done (why?). There was Ink_XHatch, a filter that simulates various drawing techniques. And most importantly, there's the KPT 3 series, some of which were completely peerless and irreplaceable. Despite my love for Flaming Pear's Hue and Cry as a noise/color/texture generator, there's something about KPT 3's Texture Explorer that just wows me. And what about Spheroid Designer? Not even KPT Shapeshifter or Gel can compare when making spheres. And although Scatter is easier and smoother to use than Spheroid Designer's Genesis Editor, the latter creates spheres layed out in patterns impossible in the former. But one of the hardest to do without? A very simple KPT 3 filter called Twirl, which also has a circular Kaleidoscope effect. I've never been able to find any other filter that kaleidoscopes like that. How could I still get these effects when I also swore off switching back between the two Photoshops--quitting and restarting the program each time is such a chore. What's a Macintosh digital artist to do?

I'd still have to employ the Classic versions somehow, some way. I know that eventually all things Classic will be completely obsolete, when and if I get an Intel-based Mac I will not have Classic available to me except on any old computer I still may have. Until then, I could still harness the power of these legacy filters, but I only wanted to do it the easiest way possible without restarts. Then it came to me: ImageReady, the sister program to Photoshop. Would it work? Yes it did! In the Finder, I chose Get Info for the ImageReady Application, and clicked "Open in the Classic Environment". Now, I can work in Photoshop natively in OSX, but if I need the help of an old filter, I simply switch to ImageReady, which will run in Classic. No quitting and restarting and quitting and restarting. Just toggling. Sure it's not perfect, but considering the alternatives, It's a dream come true.


More Closeted Hypocrisy from the Gay-Hating Right Wingers!

I love it!

Read this article at The Huffington Post that includes links to some sites with interesting pictures of Ann Coulter rubbing shoulders with gay porn star/marine/right wing mouthpiece Matt Sanchez.

More proof that Coulter is a gay man himself.


Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Straight from the Horse's Mouth

I felt grimey going to this FOX site (ew ick, neocon cooties), but I found this interview with Ann Coulter where he admits that he was being junior high insomuch as it was a "schoolyard taunt". No, that was not a typo. I used the pronoun "he" when referring to Ann Coulter.

Says horseface: "It is a schoolyard taunt, and unless you're going to announce here on national TV that John Edwards, married father of many children, is gay, it clearly had nothing to do with that. It's a schoolyard taunt.",2933,256949,00.html

So he admits he's being childish! He admits to using schoolyard taunts. Well, I guess that's par for what one commentator called "the Britney Spears of Politics". Hmmm...I wonder if and when Ann Coulter cracks he'll shave his mane.


Ann Coulter wouldn't know a Gay Man if he insulted her pointy shoes

Her latest publicity stunt, inferring that Democratic Presidential Candidate John Edwards is gay, just proves that she has absolutely no clue about gay men. She called Bill Clinton Gay. She called Al Gore Gay. She even called Tucker Carlson, token right-wing libertarian news host at MSNBC Gay. Of course she wasn't so polite to use the term "gay," at least in Edwards' case. She used the "f" word.

OK, first of all, it's obvious to me, and I must admit I have really good gaydar for someone who isn't gay, that these men are not gay.

Second, even if they were, so what? Is that an insult? Well, maybe calling someone something that they're not is an insult (take it from me, I hate that...I even hate it when people imply things about me that should be complimentary even though it's not true about me), but is that the best she can do? Evidently, she has nothing else to use against these guys, so she resorts to junior high school namecalling.

Third, and this is just my theory about this pathetic woman--she may seem really quick on the draw in debates and in interviews, but that doesn't always equate to smarts. People like that come off as being smart because they're quick, but she is really quite stupid about people. No wonder why she is single (a bit incongruous for someone who is such a proponent of rightwing family values)... someone plugged in her gaydar backwards and her brain short circuited! She probably thinks any truly gay men that she comes across is straight because if they happen to compliment her, it's due to being confused themselves because they think she is a man in drag! To quote the vacationing Keith Olbermann last night who phoned in to Countdown to award her the title "Worst Person in the World": "I mean Annie, just because you're more mannish looking? Hell, you're more mannish looking than every man on the planet."

Maybe she's just jealous of them. Or perhaps she's trying to divert attention away from her own gender confusion. Hmmm...something to think about. But it's ok, Annie, we liberals won't hold your gender identification against you. It's ok to come out're almost there. All you have to do is get rid of the little black dress and pointy shoes and start wearing pants, maybe cut the hair to make the transfornation complete (at least in the eyes of your neocon right wing family values supporters). I bet she doesn't even need an operation.


Sunday, March 04, 2007

DREAMS: Matt's House and Suction Frog

Stan and I were driving around the south part of town and we drove past Matt and Dale's house (IRL we've never been in their house) and there was a big hole in their roof. As we drove past, we started talking, and worrying about them. We decided to stop and go check it out to make sure they were ok. We walk into their house on the main level and it is completely gutted as if there had been a fire, but it is not burned, just empty. There are no walls or ceilings, just bare almost rotting wood, like being in an old barn. We walk around the house and see the kitchen which still has items on shelves and a table. We start to go downstairs to the basement and we hear sounds of people. I realize that they have moved all their stuff to the basement. I see water dripping down from above. I remember the color yellow on a lot of the walls. We don't enter unannounced, but knock on a doorway to let them know they have visitors. Matt appears and isn't even surprised to see us (he should be! it's been like 7 years or something absurd). I ask how he is and if everything is ok, and he says they're fine, they're just remodeling. I then wake up prematurely before the dream could continue.

The night before l had a dream that I was in a large open warehouse with a concrete floor that housed a farmer's market. I think Stan's mom and aunt were there too, but they weren't relevant to the dream. There were frogs everywhere on the ground, and I couldn't help but step on them until I realized they were there and I was more careful. There was a man who found a frog on his vegetables and he took it to throw it outside, but I ran after him because I wanted the frog. He didn't hear me, so I kept running after him and yelling. Finally he stopped and asked him if I could have the frog. He gave it to me, but then I realized I had nowhere to put it, no jar or box or anything. The frog was like a big suction pad, so I put it on the exposed skin on my upper chest and it stuck there. I then got in the van to drive home to give the frog a safe home. As I got in the driver's side, Caligula my cat was there, waiting for me.


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