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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

I Learned a New Fashion Accessory Today

There's this building not too far from where I live that has gone through different ownership recently. I think it used to be a shoe repair shop, then maybe it sold guitars, and then it was vacant...I can't really remember. Or maybe I'm confusing it with something else. Who knows, I didn't really NOTICE it until recently because as of late it's acquired new ownership and a new business and a graffiti-art sign. I think it says "Uptown Grillz" or "Urban Grillz". I don't know which, I really wasn't paying attention. At first I thought it is a new bar...grilled food, even though it seemed really small. Maybe it was takeout food. Then I thought maybe they sell custom grills, you know, for your car. Then I saw something on the news about how some 7-year-old sprog swallowed some rhinestone grillz (almost a Darwin award for this sprog who got his genes from his mommee who bought him such a brilliant gift (at a freakin' FLEA MARKET no less....ewwww...used...yelch)). So I decided to Google "Grillz" and now I know what they sell there.

Holy Crap. Fashion has hit an all time low in beauty and comfort. For someone who had to wear braces for over two years as a teenager and a retainer for even more years after that, why the hell would anyone want to have that crap in their mouth? Metal in your mouth is the most unpleasant feeling. But what the hell is wrong with a culture that on one hand cannot tolerate natural discoloration/yellowing or any slight imperfection that no one would give a second thought to in other Western civilized cultures ("English Teeth" simply do not phase me one way or another...they're just natural teeth), and on the other hand creates this sort of fashion abomination?

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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

LOST Dream, well, sort of.

I dreamt I was a part of "LOST", except the only character in my dream that was the same as the TV show was Jin, and he was pretty out of character (damn, where's my Desmond dream?). In fact, the island wasn't even part of the dream! How much does that suck to not even dream you're on a tropical island? The Island was in fact an old house, like an old, dark bungalow sort of like my grandmother's was if you didn't open the shades, except it was a lot bigger with a lot of bedrooms, which was good because there were a lot of people there. I was trying to figure out what my role was, not in terms of an acting part, but literally, what should I do to help us survive in the house? I was cleaning up areas, sorting through stuff. I was alone, not with Stan, and knew that I would have to sleep by myself on a small bed and leave the larger beds for those who were couples. I was sitting on some ledge and Jin comes by and starts talking to me, but it's in Korean and I'm having a hard time understanding, but I hear these whispers which are rough translations and it's as if he's talking dirty to me and coming on to me (which is very out of character because in the show, Jin seems very devoted to Sun and has not given any indication he is otherwise). I'm freaking out a bit and go into a room, hoping to be by myself, but it is a bedroom and there are three people there lying in a king-size bed, a woman, man and their young son. I realize the woman is someone I knew from high school, not a friend, just an acquaintance (actually, I have a friend who is friends with this woman's older sister). The woman in the bed recognizes it is me and is saying what a coincidence it is that I'm there and I'm someone she knew from high school. For some odd reason, I don't think it's a coincidence at all--but it should be, right, I mean, what are the odds? Then she's saying how this person and that person from high school are also "on the island," one of whom is named Dawn, but I didn't know a Dawn in high school (although I do on the web--obviously not the same Dawn). I had no idea who these people were that she was talking about.

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Friday, July 13, 2007

Things that are pissing me off right now

The loud moving van next door

Having to put my Pug away in his kennel because he can't stop barking at the loud moving van and the influx of new people and movers next door

The new politically correct "bottled water is bad" people who don't understand those of us who live in a third world part of town that had a contaminated well with all kinds of bacterial shit, carbon tet, manganese and probably ray-o-vac battery acid, among other things. Yes, life would be great if we all start drinking water right out of our taps. Maybe for those with new wells in suburbia, not those of us in the city with century old wells. Drink my tap water, you nazis, before you start accusing me of being bad on the environment for drinking it in bottles. We recycle our bottles.

People who badmouth all Americans in a blanket statement, as if collectively, *all* Americans are responsible for every evil in this world, not realizing how little power the poor and disenfranchised Americans do have.

People who refer to the disenfranchised as if it is their own personal fault, i.e., "He just behaves that way because he's disenfranchised." Wrong, no, he behaves that way because he's an asshole, not because he's disenfranchised, if anything, he's a spoiled rotten upper middle class suburbanite, not someone who's disenfranchised.

The whole princess syndrome. Some females seem to think they're entitled to princess treatment. Grow up and get out of your fairytale books. There is no Prince Charming. Face it, all men are smelly and fart and if they don't, they're either fastidiously gay or they're a psycho and are disguising it from you and will murder you at some point (that's not to say that smelly farty men don't murder women either). Stop talking about how you want macho men and disparage the not-so-macho men while you have two black eyes and bruises on your legs.

The smell of this idling diesel moving van next door.

People who would say "why don't you close your windows if the smell is bothering you?"

People who don't realize not everyone has central air or likes to have windows closed shut.

Large box stores that are three stories high but only utilize one story.

People who are on the latest politically correct green kick of the moment, and are the same people who probably made fun of me in grade school because I would have to take my brown paper lunch bag home with me and not toss it out.

I could go on, and probably will at some point, but I have a lot to do now.

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Thursday, July 12, 2007

I have a gut feeling too...

Here I haven't written anything for three weeks, and all I have to say now is that I did a Google search just to prove my gut feeling, and yes, other people do think Michael Chertoff looks like Boris Karloff.


Monday, July 09, 2007

Bumblebee Moth

A few of these moths come into our yard every summer to find flowers. They are Bumblebee Moths and are lots of fun to watch.


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