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Monday, June 02, 2008

Time Space

Stan and I were discussing a situation out of our past in the early 90s. I couldn't remember it at all. As he discussed it more and more, I had a vague, but only vague notion that it had happened, but couldn't remember one of the people involved, whom I had only met that one time. Lately this has been a fairly common occurrence regarding that time in my life. Although I unfortunately remember too much of it, much of it is also completely gone from my memory as if it never occurred.

We framed it in a LOST philosophy context. Perhaps the universe course-corrected itself, and those things never did happen. Of course if that were the case, why would Stan still remember them?

A couple people I met back then I/we became friends with. They seemed familiar to me, like I'd known them from somewhere else before (I never told them this). I did not stay friends with them for different reasons. Looking back on it now, Stan and I were never supposed to befriend these people. Maybe the reason why they seemed familiar back in 1990 is because I'd become unstuck in time and was able to access being friends with them in my future, yet I wasn't able to access the reasons not to remain friends at that point. Maybe in 1990 I was only able to access 1992, not 1995.

When I was 6 I knew certain things about the man I would marry. I knew he'd be blond and Jewish. I told this to my mom, that I had a blond Jewish (imaginary) boyfriend. She said he's not Jewish. There was confusion about this, just as there was confusion about Stan having a Jewish biological father which was put on his birth certificate (this is a crazy story that I won't go into right now). Stan went for about 17 years in his life, from the time he was around 23 or so until 40 until he actually found his biological father, thinking he was Jewish. My 6-year-old imaginary boyfriend's name was Bobby. Bobby is the name of Stan's half-brother, his biological mother's first son after Stan (She gave up Stan for adoption).

How did I know this as a 6-year-old unless I had become unstuck in time and could access certain things from my future?

I've been thinking a lot about time, the 4th dimension, and how we "parse" the 4th dimension as linear time in the same way those in 2D "flatland" parse a 3D object entering their 2D world as a series of changing line thicknesses.
Further clicking: Nova, The Elegant Universe and Carl Sagan explains Flatland (You Tube Video)

Everything that we have knowingly "yet" to experience has already happened, we just haven't parsed it yet. It all happens in an instant, and some have the ability to perceive it more instantaneously than others, which may appear to be psychic ability in seeing the future, but it's just an ability to "see" in 4 dimensions.

For the life of me I wouldn't be able to understand this based on mathematical equations, yet I can grasp it intuitively. It's not like it's from a previous life, it's happening, now. It's happened, it's yet to happen. There is no past or future. There's just the present. And it's all happening NOW. Like a movie recorded on film. Each film frame is one instance--play them in sequence and you have a time sequence, a timeline. But if you were to take the film reel and slice it up into individual frames and stack them like papers in a filing cabinet, then compress them to lose any artificial thickness the celluloid has, you would have a 2D representation of the movie, where all the events happen simultaneously. Then compress the artificial height to give you just 1 dimension, a line, and then compress the line to give you 0 dimensions, a point. That is where everything that ever is, was, and will be is. That's it. It's all there. There's nothing else. Don't worry about missing it. It's already done.

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Blogger Lavender said...

That is so very effing cool. I especially like the way you described compressing it to a single point. You made the idea understandable!

10:39 AM  
Blogger Stan said...

Wow I really enjoyed the links and the Carl Sagan one is very good. It's like when Walt disappears and reappears is like the flat land square reappearing in flatland.

I should say that the "Hebrew" family background wasn't on the birth certificate, but on an information form filled out by my Birth Mother - who was mislead by by Birth Father - and this was a form with personal information for the child - me - to have when I was older. I then read this personal information form when I was 23 years old and the word "Hebrew" with my birth father was misleading for 17 years.

You do have abilities to see the future like an oracle, and I suppose it is something intuitive. Perhaps this ability is something more than living in the 3rd dimension - maybe a part of you in the 4th dimension.

Perhaps there are parts of all of us that we live in the 4th or more dimension, but we are mostly unaware of these parts of ourselves because our waking minds are so rooted in the 3rd dimension.

10:16 PM  

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