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Friday, February 29, 2008


Sweet! There are 3 more episodes of LOST in March, the 20th being the last one. Then we go on vacation, and when we return, there will be 5 more from April 24 - May 22. Is that incredible timing or what? No having to struggle with watching it at parents' houses, dim CRT tvs, mothers who don't understand what's going on, having to tell friends "we can't see you that night, we HAVE TO watch LOST" or having to get settled in a motel/hotel on the road in time to catch it.

The last 5 are bonus, because of the writer's strike we were only expecting 8. Since there were 16 scheduled though, will they compress the content throughout the next 32 episodes, or will they tack on 3 more next season?

Oooh, click that link above, Stan, there's something about finding out what happens between Ben and The Real Henry Gale! (Future Storylines) Ah, but there blows my Tsunami theory, as this season ends on December 23, 2004. I guess the next 3 episodes are taking place concurrently back on the island when Desmond was on the freighter.

There's the one armer now! Marvin Candle/Mark Wickmund/Edgar Halowax's arm will be addressed! And why Libby wound up at the mental hospital in the past, as well as the mystery coffin content reveal.

Maybe Season 5 will revolve around the Tsunami. It has to!


Those Damn Numbers Again!

Yes. Charles Widmore's Bidder number was 755. But it's not 4 or 8 or 15, 16, 23 or 42. What's with that? Simple. 75/5 = 15.

Notice how the two years that played into this episode were 1996 and 2004, and that there's an 8 years difference. These weren't what I'd call flashbacks this time...flashbacks or forwards are a storytelling device, whereas, these events were actually really occurring (in terms of LOST, anyway). Each time I try to explain this, I get really confused. So I won't.

And Eloise, the rat. That was so familiar, and I was wracking my brain trying to figure out the connection other than it was a Damned song and Rat Scabies was in the Damned. But there's another connection I read on Lostpedia and felt silly for not catching it sooner, considering I quickly picked up on the Daniel Faraday/Tom Tom/actor Jeremy Davies thing. Tom Tom, in Million Dollar Hotel, was in love with a woman named Eloise! Duh! Of Course!


I'm puzzling over duplicate or similar names. There's lots of theories going on in the Lost-o-sphere about Jacob = Jack. But what about Charles Widmore/Charlie Pace? Both are British, but that's where any obvious similarities end. And what about Danielle Rousseau/Daniel Faraday? They are both scientists on expeditions, and both are a little whackazoid. Makes me wonder, "the sickness" that Danielle talks about...was it the "side effects"? Did the science team that landed on the island not follow the bearings correctly and experience what Desmond did last night? These name pairs have got me wondering what, if anything, is going on with that, and if it's intentional. Peaks had a lot of name pairs, like BOB and Bobby Briggs, his friend Mike and Mike the One Armed Man. Curious.


DREAM: Texas's Other Coast

Stan and I were on a vacation and traveling in the west. It was like we were viewing a map of the US, or traveling very high in the sky looking downward. There was narration in the background, some man talking about how when Texas was settled, they didn't know it led to the Pacific Ocean. I was looking at Texas from my aerial vantage point, and saw that it did have a very small part of its southwest corner that attached to both the Pacific Ocean and Arizona. Then we start descending on a very steep mountainous road. We wonder if our van will make the steep inclines. We go around a curve and find a hotel. There are a lot of old white-haired people wandering around. I am wondering if we should spend the night there. It's only about 4 pm in the afternoon and we could go further, but we don't know what's ahead, and when we'd find it. I go inside and it's nothing like your usual hotel lobby. There's no comforting furniture, just rows of doors painted in late cold war-era yellows and oranges, more like a grade school. I ask the man at the desk if he takes some kind of discount, and I couldn't remember the name of the discount, but I do remember my Trip Rewards card and pull it out, as well as a credit card. He never comes right out and says yes or no, but he's stalling, telling me he can't give me a room for free (not that I asked for one) and that the rooms are filling up because of some planned execution of some criminal that Bush is taking part in that is staged for that day or the next (?huh?). As he's stalling, I'm getting ready to grab my cards and leave because he's wasting my time while we could be traveling down the road.


My Prediction

I thought last night's episode was very romantic with Desmond time travelling between 2004 and 1996, going back in time to tell Penny to remember to answer her phone on Xmas eve, 2004. I think about stuff like that myself, present me going back in time, not necessarily to speak to someone from my past, but to speak to myself. Could the good decisions I make actually be made with the advice of future me?

Then, it struck me as I was lying in bed at night. Xmas Eve, 2004. I couldn't wait to get up and verify it, so I woke up early (5 am) and checked it out.

Two days later: The Tsunami. December 26. 2004.

Obviously when LOST was made and first aired in September 2004, only the Desmondesque among us could foresee the Tsunami. So they must have worked this into the plot somehow. After all, the Oceanic 815 wreckage was found in the Sunda trench.

I predict somehow the Tsunami will play a major role in a couple episodes, namely ep. 4.7. This is not a spoiler, I have no inside scoop. This is only a prediction. It has to be.


Wednesday, February 27, 2008

If it ain't fixed, don't break it.

Well, I got my ibook back today. Seemed fine in the store. What they were supposed to fixed got fixed. Of course weirdness never shows up right away. Now there's another user account, "apple". I can't seem to delete it because it's an admin account. Also, somehow my HP printer driver disappeared, and my Alien Skin filters wouldn't work. I'll have to look into reinstalling the printer stuff tomorrow. I Installed the Alien Skins and they seem fine now, but in the process I realized I had no record of my Human Software plugins serial numbers (that has nothing to do with the apple repair problem, that was just my own negligence). Then I couldn't find the disks they came on. This sent me into a panic, which explains why I am up at 11:30 at night.

Oh yeah, and Stan is sick, which means guess who's next in line?

I really wish I had a secretary and a maid. Hell, I wish I had STAFF. Put a geek on the payroll as well.

My static speakers was not a speaker problem, but a mic problem. And it wasn't even a hardware issue, it was software weirdness, some firmware causing a feedback loop. Well, I'll be. A big old WTF. Didn't see that coming.

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Floating World

I wanted to include some ideas I remember from East Asian Lit. which may be relevant to Lost.

Many of us remember and love the Kung Fu TV series. The structure or type of story is what some would call a Renegade Monk Story. There are lost of stories involving renegade monks in East Asian plays and writings, but Kung Fu was the first time this style of story was ever presented to - so called - western viewers.

Lost may be structured after some East Asian stories like Ghost World stories. There is a common story, usually involving a fisherman, who becomes lost under the sea. While he is under the ocean he finds a whole new reality there with new people to meet and he has a lot of fun there. After a few hours he thinks of his family and friends and decides it would be great to show this new place to other people. He returns to the surface of the ocean thinking he has only been gone a few hours. He goes back to his town and can't recognize many of the buildings. He looks for his wife and friends, but they are no where to be found. Eventually he learns that everyone he knew has died a few hundred years ago - so a few hundred years had passed while he thought he was in this lost underwater world for only a few hours.

Lost could be using East Asian lit. to bring some literary ideas to us so called - western - viewers.

I think a writer could find a life time of work for writing TV shows just looking at some small segment of East Asian writing like Kabuki Plays. East Asia is a vast source of written works most of us westerns know only a sliver about at best.


Framing Dead People

This is not my catch; I read it online.

Watch this snippet of this season's Episode 2 when Miles ghostbusts the grandmother's upstairs room. Notice the pictures on the wall as he enters around :44 seconds into the clip, then notice about 3:40 the pictures as he is leaving.

It's the FRAME! The frame around the picture of what I presume to be the woman's deceased grandson goes from an ornate wooden frame to a plain golden frame. Here all along I thought they were focussing on the pictures because of the CONTENT, i.e., the boy. I was wondering who the boy was, it resembled a young Mr. Eko, but that wouldn't be right, he was too old to be her grandson, he was Nigerian, not American...etc. But the kid's identity is irrelevant.

I do not think this is a production error, I think it is intentional. They camera purposely focuses on the pictures. If it was a prop goof, 1) the camera wouldn't "stop" and focus and 2) why would they use the same picture and change frames?

Moving into my own theorizing:

So why do the picture frames intentionally change? This is either symbolic for the "framing" of LOST itself, which I can't figure out because that gets too postmodern artschool text vs. context blah blah blah which I hate thinking about, or there is some parallel universe shift that happens after Miles banishes the ghost.

We know that there seems to be a parallel universe theme throughout LOST. LIke Charlie at the end of Season 3, when Naomi says "Oh, you're the dead rockstar." But Charlie wasn't dead (yet). There probably was a parallel-universe-Charlie (as well as a parallel-universe-everyone-else) that really did perish in the crash (as opposed to drown in The Looking Glass station). This would explain Desmond's changing visions. He's not just seeing visions from one event in one place, he's seeing different visions of similar events from different parallel universes. So it could be that in another still different parallel universe, Charlie doesn't even go down to The Looking Glass, for example, and no one gets "rescued." This is the place Jack wants to get back to.


Stan and I are rewatching the previous seasons on DVD, and last night we watched the "Dave" episode. Because Hurley sees Charlie after Charlie dies, I suspect Dave is one of the people that was killed when the balcony that Hurley got onto fell. Hurley sees dead people.


Ben, Coffin, Possible Futures

Remember last May when I thought it was Ben in the coffin for the Season 3 finale of LOST? I've come to revise that. Yes, I think it's still "Ben" in the coffin, but it's not Ben.

The reason I thought it was Ben is because of the lack of friends and family. Ben has none, at least off-island. Jack is also broken up, not for Ben's death, but he figures Ben is a way back to the island, which he wants. Now with no Ben, there's no going back.

Remember the last time we saw a closed coffin in the show it was for Locke's father, who had staged his own death. I think Ben has staged his own death. Jack doesn't want to see the body when the funeral director asked him, but if he had, it would have not been Ben, but someone taking Ben's place. There is a reason, other than just keeping us in suspense as to who it is, that the person in the coffin is not shown, it is because whoever is in the coffin isn't the person that is really supposed to be there, but just some hapless victim.

Remember this season when (was it Sayid? or Kate? Sorry, I can't recall) went to New Otherton and they find a room in a house full of Ben's passports? He obviously has many alternate identities (not just Henry Gale).

"Ben" is in the coffin, but Ben is still alive.

LOST will last 3 more seasons (including the present season). I don't think it will end abruptly and discomfortingly unnerving like Twin Peaks did with a Black Lodge Bob-possessed Agent Cooper set loose on the world. Although that has become part of the unintentional mystique and mythology of Peaks, there was more planned had ABC not pulled the plug. Hmmm...ABC is LOST's network too...but I have hopes. I don't think we will be left with a suicidal drug-addicted bearded feral (I put that last word in because Stan likes to call Flashforward Bearded Jack "Feral Jack.") Jack wandering the streets of LA. Not that I want a "and they lived happily ever after" wrap-up either. My suspicions are that there's sort of a time loop thing going on and the series finale will end with the very same passengers boarding Oceanic Flight 815 (Or maybe Oceanic Flight 1623), leaving us to ponder will they crash and start all over again, or will they end up landing at their destination to continue their lives, as if the original crash never even happened? Just a thought. I don't like neat wrap-ups, I like it where the audience can put their own spin on it, perhaps to live on in our own little mental exercise hypothetical fiction that we think up ourselves.


Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Those Damn Numbers

Three of them, anyway.

LOST Season 4 Episode 3: Daniel Faraday receives a payload rocket containing a stopwatch which reads: 03:16:23. There's two of those numbers, you say: 16 and 23. Huh-uh. There's THREE of those numbers. 03 in military time is 15.


I figured that one out myself.

Not that I know where they're going with it or anything. But there they are again.


I did happen to read something on a theory site about the Valenzetti Equation and the numbers 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42 meaning that the world will end on April 8, 2015 at 4 pm, 23 minutes and 42 seconds. I don't know if this is actually the meaning of the numbers or just a theory, but it if is...whoa, April 8 is the anniversary of when they found Kurt Cobain dead (things I will always remember forever), and Jack is listening to Nirvana when he pulls up to the funeral parlor. The newspaper clipping obituary that Jack sees days before has a date of April 5, so along with the Kurt radio anniversary clue, I'm assuming that day that Jack goes to see the mysterious coffin is April 8, so I'm wondering if that is in the year 2015? That seems so far in the future though, so I'm confused.


Friday, February 22, 2008

Comparative Religions

Here's the fun part where I compare and contrast the characters of Twin Peaks and LOST.

It's evident that Twin Peaks was an influence on LOST, especially from a "not everything is as it appears" sort of way, the edge-of-your-seat supernatural mystery sprinkled with humour. But there are parallels with characters. In Twin Peaks you had the "Man of Science (Jack Shephard-LOST)" which was Sheriff Harry Truman. Not necessarily a man of science, but a man of practicality and common sense. The "Man of Faith (John Locke-LOST)" would be Special Agent Dale Cooper who was guided more by intuition, dreams and visions and Tibetan mythology. In Twin Peaks these two lawmen and their guiding principles worked together in a complementary fashion, whereas in LOST they are adversarial. Twin Peaks' Cooper was without a doubt the main character, and although not as strongly THE main character (LOST seems to have several strong main characters...Jack, Kate, Locke, Sawyer to name a few), Jack is still probably the undisputed "main" character if you had to name just one. Despite Cooper being a man of faith and Jack a man of science, they both fill the role of guiding light and problem solver, Cooper solving the clues and mysteries of Laura Palmer's murder, Jack solving the problems of first helping the injured from the plane crash and then leading them to the caves for safety, and eventually to be...rescued? (Of course we don't really know what happens with that yet!) And they both have their downfall at the Jack's case, the flashforward with him as a bearded alcoholic, and with Cooper having been possessed by BOB as he smashes his head into the medicine cabinet. How's Annie?

Here's some other similarities:

Peaks: Sarah Palmer vs. LOST: Desmond Hume: Both are psychic!

Peaks: Bobby Briggs vs. LOST: Sawyer: Snarky, tough men with nicknames for everyone, although Sawyer, aka James Ford, is more of a loner. But no, he's not like James Hurley (Peaks), which is the only Peaks character I didn't really like, so from that standpoint I'd have to say...

Peaks: James Hurley and Evelyn Marsh episodes vs. LOST: Nicky and Paolo episode: What was that about anyway?

Peaks: Jacques Renault vs. LOST: Hurley (Hugo Reyes): ONLY physically. There is a resemblance. But Hurley is lovable and Jacques certainly wasn't. Also, Hurley vs. Deputy Andy. You know when either of these two characters are in an episode, there is some comedy. But Hurley was definitely the smarter of the two.

Peaks: Leland Palmer vs. LOST: John Locke: They just keep getting more maniacal and sinister each episode!

Peaks: BOB vs. LOST: Smokey. Smokey/smoke monster doesn't really scare me the way BOB did, though. But they are both the supernatural entity.

Peaks: Josie Packard vs. LOST: Kate Austen: Wanted fugitives in their own countries, you wouldn't know it by looking at these slight brunettes.

Peaks: Shelly Johnson vs. LOST: Claire Littleton: Pretty blondes that play the victim role well. One could also compare Claire to Peaks' Nadine Hurley since they both lose their memory temporarily, but that's pretty much where the similarity ends.

Peaks: Audrey Horne vs. LOST: Shannon Rutherford: Spoiled rich princess types that are reprimanded by a male relative for being worthless, yet later go on to help solve clues, Audrey with her sleuthing behind Cooper's back, and Shannon with the French translations.

Peaks: The Log Lady vs. LOST: The French Chick: Rousseau totes her rifle like the way Log Lady carried her log. Both seem to be guided by a longing for a lost loved one, Rousseau for her daughter Alex, and Log Lady for her dead husband. Both didn't live in civilization with the rest of the folks, opting instead for their home in the forest.

Peaks: Windom Earle vs. LOST: Benjamin Linus: Creepy manipulating masterminds!

Peaks: The Death of Laura Palmer vs. LOST: The Plane Crash: What bought everyone together...the raison d'etre. (sorry, I can't find my diacritical accent marks on my computer)

Peaks: Laura Palmer vs. LOST: Charlie Pace: Both allowed themselves to die for the betterment of others, in Laura's case so BOB wouldn't inhabit her, in Charlie's case he knew he had to sacrifice himself, according to Desmond's visions, so the others could be rescued. Not to mention they were both the drug addicts of the shows.

Peaks: The Giant vs. LOST: Walt: They appear in visions! Locke: "I saw Walt, only he was taller." Sawyer: "Taller, you mean like a Giant?"

Peaks: Agent Albert Rosenfeld vs. LOST: Miles Straume. It's the attitude.

OK, I've pretty much exhausted my memory trying to figure out any more parallels, so I'll end it here, or leave it up to Stan if he can think of anything else.


My Own Purple Rose of Cairo

My own life sucks right now and I'm not going to discuss the particulars here, yet I have this great urge to discuss one of the few fun things (besides my pets, and that gets redundant) that I have to look forward to every week, and that is LOST. It's like during the Great Depression, people escaped to silly movies in theatres (wonderfully captured in Woody Allen's "Purple Rose of Cairo") and got caught up in the adventure which diverted the attention from their own lives and difficulties and the stupid economy.

Look, I am not a typical TV watcher. Although I watch lots of news (a LOT of news, I'm a news junkie lately) and I love nature shows and documentaries and of course the food guys, I don't watch scripted shows. There is no current drama or sitcom or any kind of prime time show I watch, or one that I could even NAME. Except, of course, for LOST. So for a scripted TV drama to pull a serious intellectually-inclined news/documentary/nature person like myself in to view it religiously every week, it has to be damn good. There are only 2 other dramas that did that for me in the past 20 years, 3 if you count a sitcom, Seinfeld, and that was the X-Files and Twin Peaks. The latter was the best, and probably most similar to LOST in terms of the variety of character types and mysterious settings. I even see parallels with certain characters between the two shows, which I might discuss later.

It seems that each episode gets more intense, and this last one just blew me away. I had suspected future Kate's "he" to be her child (that she has yet to have), but's Claire's child, Aaron!!!! What happened to Claire? Did/will she die? Is she still on the island? And what about he completely turning Colonel Kurtz or what? "This is not a democracy?" Who appointed him ruler, anyway? If Ben gets off the island, will Locke become Ben v. 2.0? I originally thought Locke was just a strange, unusually naive and gullible (for his age) man, but it's like the classic case of megalomaniacal dictators with inferiority complexes that then try to rule the world, or island as the case may be. I used to think Ben was oh so creepy, but Locke's got him beat now.

Stan and I have discussed which "path" we would take at the beginning of this season...would we follow Jack or John? Supposedly Jack's pack would get rescued, John Locke's bunch would stay on the island because the rescue ship is not what it seems..."not Penny's boat" as dying Charlie wrote on his palm. But how does Desmond interpret that? He gets on the helicopter, despite that warning! The preview of next week's episode shows a disturbing image of the helicopter ride...well, we know Sayid survives, but I hope Desmond does too. Of course, Desmond wouldn't be one of the "Oceanic 6" because he wasn't in the crash, so we don't know what happens to him...or Juliette, for that matter. Originally I thought I would go with Jack, but then I thought maybe it's best to stay on the island, especially after having to endure this miserable Upper Peninsula winter here in Southern Wisconsin. I mean, there's always food, albeit Dharma food (wine in a box!), but there's also island fruit and Jin could catch me some sea urchin which I would be grateful for, unlike many of the other castaways. But honestly, I liked it when they had the hatch the best (it had this cool 70s basement apartment bachelor pad groove), and "New Otherton" is a bit creepy, mostly because it's turned into Lockeville lately. IRL, they filmed "New Otherton" at a YMCA camp...maybe that's why it creeps me a bit. Camp-like atmospheres, be it a strange cabin-lined street at Mammoth hot springs in Yellowstone, or the strange old Parkitecture buildings at Lake Mendota Mental Health center that have that "camp quality" are just bloody freaky. But that's just me. I could probably cope with New Otherton as long as Ben or Locke weren't around. Or if Locke was just relegated to killing boar in the jungle with his large collection or knives, that would be ok.

"You've got blood on you."
"I just killed a chicken."
Yeah, right.


Wednesday, February 20, 2008


My computer is back, but only temporarily. They gave me a new keyboard and trackpad because the old ones wore off, but they didn't fix the damn speakers! It still statics on me. You know what sucks is that they tried calling me who knows when when they finished working on it last week or so, but I never got the message because somehow my serial number tracks back to Midwest Computers, where I bought it, so someone at Midwest Computers (which I don't even know if it is still extant) got the message. Not me. And I had given them MY phone # twice!!!!! I finally had to call them to ask if it was ready, which it was.

At least I can type and scroll well now, even if I can't listen to streaming radio.

Stan's computer dilemma still exists...I'm not even going there. At least he has the nice new one I got him.

I don't have time for this now. There is too much problematic stuff happening in my life and I just don't want to talk about it, nor do I have the time to write about it.

I'm not planning on updating much lately. Dreams have been bad, and I'm not very happy right now.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Cheesey Fun with Photo Booth Part One

My Computer's in the shop, so I'm using Stan's...but it's sort of mine too since I bought it.

More later, after I put on some lipstick.


Monday, February 11, 2008

DREAM with Vandalized Art

Part of the dream was a real mess and I can't even begin to describe it...something with bathtubs and coffee (which they were discussing on the radio...the coffee part, not the tub part). But the part I remember was I was in the CSU art building, walking towards the Drawing wing. It was big like a mall and grey, with lots of confusing twists and turns that don't exist there IRL. I was telling someone I was with, either a real person or someone in my head (imagine, someone in my head...inside a dream...whoah, it's like looking in a wall mirror while holding a hand mirror, and you're looking at the hand mirror in your reflection in the wall mirror) that I like dreaming or being in this art building better than the "Other One" (i.e., UW). I see Dave Yust there...he is carrying around some cut-out wood pieces that were similar in form to Henri Matisse's leaves. We didn't say hi or anything; I don't think he recognized me.

Then I get the the end of the line, which is a great big huge drawing room the size of a gymnasium. They have a bunch of my metal leaf on textural acrylic paint paintings on the wall, and each and every one of them has a red mark on them. It's large, like tags or graffiti but it's very cryptic and scribbled. Sort of like when you see cars that are to be parted out in a junkyard. I have about a dozen paintings there, as if there was an exhibit and all the other exhibitors had come to pick theirs up already.

I'm aghast, and don't know what to do. I think I find someone, a professor or someone, and tell them what happened. There's a young woman there who starts taking pictures of each painting with her cellphone, I don't know if it's for evidence or what.

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Saturday, February 09, 2008

A Headcase, a Ghostbuster, an Anthropologist, and a Drunk

Daniel Faraday: I was watching it thinking, "who is this guy, he's so familiar, the semi-retarded mannerisms, the mental headcase'''s Tom Tom from Million Dollar Hotel!" Cool!

And no better lines have been uttered on TV than, "Sure, who are we to argue with Taller Ghost-Walt?!" Sawyer always has the best snarky names for people, and Taller Ghost-Walt tops them all. I want to name my next pet that. Or something.

Oh, look here: Sawyer's Nickname Generator". For some reason, both Stan and mine was "Whitesnake." Yes, it would piss me off to be called the same name as my husband, not to mention a name of some bad metal hairband. (Hairband, now that sounds like a Sawyer nickname if I ever heard one) We tested it for Tim (who unlike Stan and me thinks logically instead of creatively--although I think we're both pretty logical too--and is tall instead of short, and is impulsive instead of thoughtful.) His Sawyer Nickname? Spacebar. That's a good one. Want to know what the direct opposite of me/Stan/Whitesnake (short, pale, blond, smart, creative, thoughtful) is? I.e., tall, tan, brunette, slow, logical, impulsive? Truckstop. Ok.....


Monday, February 04, 2008

DREAM: My Trip through Hell

I must have been visiting my parents because I was with my mom, and she was going to a creative writing class she was taking (something she might have done back in the 70s). I went with her to the class--she wanted me to come and meet the people. IRL I would not have come. IRL, she would not have even wanted me to come. I sat in the back of the class. There were only two rows of chairs. She sat in the aisle across from me. She went up to the blackboard to write down "my website" (IRL, I have more than one "website") for the class. She seemed very small as she stood up there. Much to my embarrassment, she kept getting the correct URL wrong. She kept writing it "" or something which would yield a big old 404. Each time she tried to correct it, it was still wrong. She was also trying to introduce who I was. Finally, I just spoke up on behalf of myself and said something like I've been doing graphic design for websites for 12 years, but my mom is confused with the URL, blah blah blah." I forgot how that ended. I think I ended up wandering around in an empty university building, like the dreaded inumanities buillding at the UW.

Somehow I found myself on the southwest corner of University and Midvale, waiting for a bus going south on Midvale to take me home (WRONG WAY!!!) I had gotten there via another bus, but forgot to ask for a transfer, so I was frantically trying to find enough change to pay for a bus trip. Here's the weird part...I had the car with me, and Stan was there too, so I said, "why don't I take you to work, then I can take the car home and you can take a bus home from work?" (so logical...he has nowhere to park a car at work anyway, so why should he get to drive it and leave ME stranded?) So I leave with Stan. It's still winter and we're driving through strange snowy areas on the west side that seem like they're out in the country, even out in the country somewhere on the west side of Fort Collins. He pulls off onto a yellow sandy dirt road that is not too snowy. It's very bumpy and really should be driven with 4WD. We go up a very narrow road that is like The Superstitions in Arizona, but sandy colored, not red. There is some weird canal with a footpath with steps that parallels it. We go on the footpath, but it is a very tight squeeze. There are men going the other way, one is carrying a weird seal/fish hybrid beast he caught. They are hunters and fishermen. The footpath now seems like it is in the interior of a building with windows. I look through the windows and see a gym and exercise equipment. I tell Stan I want to leave and go home.

I don't think I ever got home. Instead I find myself at Bitch's house. I'm talking to her (ex) husband, but then he starts smoking pot and gets in that "duh" uncommunicative, quiet state that serious pot smokers get which makes me hate to be around them. I get really mad because these people invited me over and now they're ignoring me, so I start to go off the deep end, banging on walls and yelling and making a big commotion. Some other guy appears, and he starts saying, "Whoah, what is going on? Stop it or you'll hurt the fish!" They had very large koi fish in aquariums. I didn't want to hurt the fish (just the people, heh), so I stopped banging on walls only on behalf of the fish, but I kept yelling and crying at the people and told them they were rude to invite me over and then ignore me. There were a couple other guys there, and they all agreed not to do that. But then they started right up again, so I start yelling at them again, and IRL I am seething and crying and flailing and I wake myself up and I can't stop until I come out of that half-conscious dream state. It was one of those horrible human interaction dreams where everyone ignores you.

I go back to sleep and have a really retarded dream that I'm watching some dumb 60s sitcom where people burst into song complete with orchestra (which isn't on the set). I was part of it, and they wanted me to do "Cleopatra" and the music from Bizet's "Carmen" is playing in the background. I had no idea what I was supposed to be doing...I didn't feel very spontaneous and couldn't relate to bizarro 60s hybrid musicals that only exist in the subconscious. WTF. it was stupid, but at least it wasn't nightmarish as the paragraph above.


Friday, February 01, 2008

Oceanic 6

Evidently there were billboards appearing around the country last week with a question asking "Who are the Oceanic 6?" Unfortunately, there were no such billboards around this city (the billboards around here are the stupidest in the world, but that's another topic).

Last night was when I first heard of the Oceanic 6, The six Losties who attain celebrity status coming back to civilization. We now know one of them is Hurley, and from Season 3's finale, we know two others are Jack and Kate. It's safe for me to say that Stan and I also guessed one was Sawyer, and I also said another was Sayid. Stan didn't think so at first, but then he changed his mind.

I snooped around a little online today and found out who the other three indeed are (we already know about Hurley, Jack and Kate).


Drag your cursor across the blacked out text to highlight it, and read the answer.

If you want to be kept in suspense, do not do this! (Stan, this means you, unless you want to know)

The other 3 of the Oceanic 6: Sayid, Jin and Sun

OK, what does this mean? Sawyer is still on the Island, and he is not the "he" that Kate was referring to in the Season 3 finale that she had to get back to. Now here's my theory on that: Kate's "he" is her baby that she had with Sawyer...she got pregnant on the island with Sawyer, had her baby after being rescued.


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