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Saturday, February 28, 2009

DREAM About Seafood and Bad Customer Service

I dreamt Stan and I had a freshly caught shark that we were eating. It tasted nothing like shark, however it wasn't exactly a delicious fish either. It was maybe 2-3 feet long, and we were eating the flesh with our hands, pulling it off the bones. The bones seemed to be more like that of a freshwater fish, very bony, except not as tiny. The skin even looked like a freshwater fish, like trout skin. The texture was incredibly light. I can't even explain the wasn't like fishmeat, or any kind of meat. The closest I can describe it is this weird cellulite paper mache stuff you can buy at art or craft stores. It comes in a sealed plastic bag. You don't add water or anything like traditional paper mache, it's already ready to work with. I used some as an under texture in a painting; probably won't use it again for that. That's the closest I can describe the way the texture of this shark's flesh felt. Nothing like real shark. I kept eating it despite the fact I didn't like the taste much.

In another part of the dream I was eating oysters from New Orleans Take Out. IRL I have found pearls in their oysters in the past. Nothing pretty, just tiny roundish calcified structures. I always save them anyway, just as a memento of NOTO yummy oysters. But this time in the dream I felt a pearl in my mouth. I took it out and it was inside a strange enclosure. I took it out of the enclosure to reveal a small iridescent snail shell, similar to an tiny ammonite, except not as flat. Kinda cool.

I also dreamt I was in a store in a mall looking at clothes. This is a recurring sort of dream. Usually I'm one of the only people in the store, except this time it was rather busy. There was a store clerk walking around helping people, except she was really bitchy to me. I wanted to try on some clothes, but the dressing room, which was also a restroom, was dark. I asked her if she could turn the light on in there and it was like it was SOOOOO hard to do that for a customer.



Blogger Stan said...

This cold weather is making all of us hungry, and the NOTO is the best...the best...

Odd shark...

Isn't customer service sort of like the way it was in your dream. Especially if the employees are young, it's like they're thinking about talking with their friends on cell phones even when they aren't presently using them. There's a lot of - why help customers - thinking out there.

6:15 PM  

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