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Saturday, February 21, 2009

DREAM: Back in School Again

I was still in school, not sure whether it was undergrad or graduate school. I had to get to a psychology class that I hadn't attended for...months. In fact, I didn't even know where the class was. I was frantically trying to find a class schedule to see if I could find where the class took place. All I found was a 2004 class schedule, which was obviously outdated. (What was I doing with a 2004 class schedule? I was 10 years out of grad school and 20 years out of undergrad.) As it usually is with these dreams, it was bad weather, so not only did I need to find this class, I had to do it in bad weather. Stan drove me, fortunately, and it looked more like CSU than the UW, especially the western side of CSU near Shields. And I don't remember whether it was in this dream or one I had like it recently that I didn't remember at the time (often these dreams have a reoccurring theme), but I went into a cafeteria like they had at the student center @ CSU. Naturally the buildings are always very convoluted.

Then I had another dream that I was surrounded by 2nd graders who were as big as me. They were very precocious 2nd graders, more intelligent than I remember 2nd graders being, but still not adults. One of those 2nd graders were lifting me up, like kids did to eachother when I was young. I was then thinking that maybe I too was a 2nd grader, but my adult mind was intact. One of the 2nd graders pointed out something to me in a newspaper...some current event, and I started talking about it in the way adults normally discuss current events, seeing how the 2nd graders would respond. I think they comprehended on a mature level, and then I assumed we were all 2nd graders in adult-size bodies with adult brains. Weird.



Blogger Stan said...

Very strange dream, at least you weren't experiencing a bunch of second grade brains. It's too bad you keep having the unfinished school dream - I don't like those dreams.

12:39 PM  

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