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Friday, February 27, 2009

More Dreams about Buildings (no food)

I had other dreams earlier in the night but I can't remember them. The one I do remember came before I woke up in the morning. I was looking at my parent's house from the outside. For the most part it looked like their house, light brick with brown trim, ranch style, but then I noticed some odd features. It was more of a partially raised ranch, as the garage was on the basement level, which meant their house had more of a slope in their landscaping. The central part of the house looked the same, but then on the opposite side, the south side, of the house, I noticed an odd window at an odd level. This part of the house too had the basement area exposed, and there was a window midway between the first floor and the basement. With the exposed lower areas and raised ranch style, the boxy rectangular brick quality made it look more like an international style house, like the wonderful ones near the lake in on Winnequah Rd. in Monona, not the horribly boring no-style ranch that it actually is. I walked around to that side of the building and tried to figure out what room that window came from. It was a high window on the lower part of the house, and there appeared to be a 2nd garage there. On closer examination, it wasn't really a garage, but perhaps a tool area, work room, utiity room, a place to get messy. Inside, there wasn't much of anything. It was painted white, but had a green cast to the room, perhaps from overhead fluorescent lights. The doors to the outside were part glass, but industrial, or maybe something from a route 66 style old fashioned gas station. Opposite the door against the far wall were white enamel-covered metal cabinets and shelves, and a sink. It had a very mid-century quality, maybe even pre-mid-century, predating the actual age of the house by 20 or 30 years. But it also seemed sort of Dharma Station The Staff (medical) Station (Wow, a mini-Dharma Station under my parents' house! Can you beat that?). The floor was concrete/cement, and sort of uneven and cracked. The size of the room wasn't too big...maybe 12x15 feet. I thought this would be a great place to have an art studio, and was wondering if my parents would let me have a studio there (the practicality of having a studio 1000 miles away from where I lived didn't seem to be of a concern in this dream).

I walked around to the front of their house and saw a "for sale" sign on their neighbor's yard (IRL, our neighbors who have lived next to us as long as we've been here are moving now that they're empty nesters...that must have entered into my subconscious). The price was on the sign and it said $264,000. I don't think either neighbors could get that much in either neighborhood with the housing market the way it is now.

On a non-dream related note, I just found out yesterday that our house was actually built in 1904. We missed its 100th birthday in 2004! I wonder why I always thought it was built in 1908?

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Blogger Stan said...

I think the house in your dream sounds interesting enough to have some potential. If if were a split level it would have been the house your parents really should have had. It is true they have one of the dullest houses in the world.

It is nice that your parents can still live in their house, and if anyone on their block was asking $264,000 it would seem too high to me.

At least the price wasn't $234,200, and I want to see that Dharma station.

5:30 PM  

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