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Thursday, March 05, 2009

LOST Questions

Sawyer and Juliet make a cute 70s hippie couple in a Dharma Initiative Infiltrators sort of way. And it looks like, with Sawyer in his Dharma Jeep (a blue Dharma Jeep...can you beat that?) finding the "Oceanic 3" (Jack, Kate, and Hurley) that Jin found in his Dharma Van (and they've got a whole fleet of Dharma Vans!), we might be in for not just the return of the Sawyer-Kate-Jack triangle, but now with Juliet in the mix, a love quadrangle! A love polygon! But not a square, daddy-o. It is the 70s after all. Well, at least for the real Dharma people like Horace Goodspeed--what a's got to stand for something but I haven't figured that out yet. I guess it's...2008? for the O6/O3...but where did Sun and Sayid end up after the crash? And what the hell did Kate do with Aaron? And, I know this is off topic but where on EARTH are Rose and Bernard? Are they in a different time loop as Sawyer/Juliet/Miles/Daniel/Jin? I know they're older people in their late 50s and a bit overweight and not as sexy as Sawyer or as important plotwise as Locke but come on, they can't just write them out of the script. They're not redshirts.

And this has sort of bugged me when Richard Alpert appeared last night. He looked just like 1950s Richard and 2000s Richard, which, is quite understandable because he is after all Non-Aging Man, but remember the Ben backstory that showed Ben growing up as a young DI nerdboy and he encounters Richard in the jungle (which I assume was sometime in the 70s)? Richard, although his face looks the same as 1950s Richard and 2000s Richard, his hair was longer and more disheveled...hippie Richard. So why is this 1970s Richard clean cut again? I'm really confused by this. Either the production crew messed up big time (you'd think someone would catch it!) OR we haven't figured out something in the timeline yet.

OK, I'm assuming Benjamin Linus is probably around my age, maybe a year younger. I'm not sure, but something is sticking in my head about it being the year 1962 when he was born. Lostpedia just states "early 1960s". Ben was 11 when he and his dad became Dharma people, so maybe he was about 11? 12? when he saw Richard in the Jungle, placing it very close to Last night's Richard encounter (that was 1974...we know that as a fact).

And now that injured, unconscious crash-survivor adult Ben is on that small Hydra station island, will he ever counter Little Ben on the main island? And if so, what will happen?



Blogger Stan said...

It looks like they are trying to make non-aging man look even more non-aging than they did in the early seasons. I think they should vary his appearance a little more, but you're right about the inconsistency.

I think Sawyer and Juliet make a great couple and so do Jack and Kate. In each relationship they sort of seem more like couples than other permutations at least in my opinion

7:29 PM  

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