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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Who's Your Daddy?

Now that we know Daniel Farraday's pedigree, there are a couple things that have me baffled.

1) His eyes. OK, maybe I'm really too picky, but I've always noticed people's eyes and their eye color. For example, when I saw "Tommy" the first time, I was really disturbed that the child they chose to play the young Tommy had average brown eyes, not the spectacular blue eyes of Roger Daltrey, who played the older Tommy. Your eyes can't change color like that. And ever since 10th grade biology when I found out that blue eyes are recessive, I've been super observant of the casting of actors in regards to their eye color and those of their characters' parents' eye color. Take Daniel Farraday. His eyes are brown. Eloise Hawking's AND Charles Widmore's eyes are both blue. Genetically speaking, it is impossible, assuming they are his biological parents. Which brings us to a subquestion...what's up with the name Farraday, anyway? Why not Daniel Widmore or Daniel Hawking? Who's Farraday? And why?

2) His accent. Explain why two Brits have a son who speaks with an American accent. Did Eloise send him away to boarding school in the states at an impressionable age? Perhaps while she was a Hostile on the Island? Or was Danny Boy with his mum on the island where most people spoke with an American accent which is where he picked it up? Will we see the young Daniel there?

Ever since I found out Eloise Hawking is Daniel's mother, I stopped suspecting that Widmore was his father because of the eye color factor. I then began suspecting Non-Aging Man Richard Alpert, not that that explains the last name either, but it would explain the eye color.

Other than the eye thing, the casting for young and old versions of the characters has been exceptional. And I knew at the opening of the show who the young boy and his mother were immediately. And I also guessed correct that Marvin Candle/Edgar Halliwax/Mark Wickmund/Dr. Chang is Miles Straume's Dad. But of course then I have to ask...who is Daddy Straume?



Blogger Ann said...

Maybe Charles just *thinks* Daniel is his son, but actually it really IS Richard Alpert and Eloise isn't saying, or doesn't know. (Personally, I'd rather have sex with Alpert than Widmore...but...that's just me, and hey, he doesn't age, so he'll always look good!).

9:51 PM  
Blogger Stan said...

I like the plot having these two characters as Danial's parents. If they would have looked at the eye color problem more carefully they could have given one of the parents colored contacts to make their eyes brown. Anyway, it is still a great show and all sexy young men are sure to lose that with age. Maybe Charles wants to market the non-aging man system that Richard is using so young sexy men can pay lots and lots of money to stay that way.

7:12 PM  

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