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Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Blog Moved

Blog Moved

I have started a different blog.

Reason #1:
Blogger will no longer support FTP publishing after May 1, which was what I was using for this one. (I cannot do the custom domain thing as Blogger suggests because I'm maxed out on subdomains)

Reason #2:
I got this cool software that I can use to easily update and change the look of my blog.

Reason #3:
I haven't written in my blog for a long time, so continuing on with "Ornamental Illness" after a 10-month hiatus seems a little silly, so I'll just start a new one. There is not much there now, but I really don't have time for this blogging stuff anymore anyway. Plus, I want to keep Ornamental Illness as an intact relic and not migrate it over to blogger, as I'm sure it would lose something in the transfer.

Reasons why I did not start a new blog with Blogger:

For the awesome support for Open Social Gadgets, and the growing number of third party gadgets built to work with Blogger, which will provide a lot of opportunities to add to my blog's functionality, like the selection of Social Widgets, Facebook and Twitter Integration, fanning, following and blah.

Despite the ironic new name, I can probably swear a lot more there than I feel comfortable doing here for various reasons I will not go into.



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