Bridges of Madison County

imes1.JPG imes1.JPG
Imes Bridge with Stan. This is in the eastern part of Madison county. We heard lots of frogs in the creek below. Obviously, one wouldn't need a bridge to cross a shallow creek in the old days; this one had been moved from somewhere else.
imes2.JPG imes2.JPG
Imes bridge again from a different view with our van in the parking lot. All these bridges cannot be driven on, with the exception of one.
cutler1.JPG cutler1.JPG
Cutler Bridge in Winterset, birthplace of The Duke. Again, this bridge had been moved here from somewhere else.
cutler2.JPG cutler2.JPG
Cutler bridge again, with Stan. Didn't hear any frogs this was too close to a city park with kid noises.
holliwell1.JPG holliwell1.JPG
Holliwell bridge, just outside of Winterset.
holliwel3.JPG holliwel3.JPG
Inside Holliwell bridge. I don't think this one was moved or reconstructed, as it had that "old bridge smell." The lumber seemed very old and original, unlike the other two we before this. Lots of graffitti inside these bridges. I never thought writing someone's name with someone else's was romantic, but maybe that's just me.
mobileshack.JPG mobileshack.JPG
This is hard to believe, but as we were driving down a country road in between bridges, we saw an SUV hauling an It wasn't on wheels or anything. It was just going scraaaaaappppe down the road. Only in Iowa.
roseman1.JPG roseman1.JPG
Rosemam bridge
roseman2.JPG roseman2.JPG
Another view of Roseman. This bridge is on the west side of the county.
birds1.JPG birds1.JPG
An unbelievable site. Three very large birds (of prey?) landed on an old dilapitated barn and stretched out their wings in unison, all facing the same direction. It was the most incredible thing I have ever seen from birds. It didn't look real, but it was.
birds2.JPG birds2.JPG
Right before they took off again.
hogback1.JPG hogback1.JPG
Hogback bridge in the northern part of Madison county.
hogback2.JPG hogback2.JPG
Hogback bridge again. We heard lots of pigeons under the bridge.
cedar.JPG cedar.JPG
Cedar Bridge, right outside of Winterset. This one was rebuilt and one could actually drive on it. That's us.