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12:20:2002 Entry: "Ann : DREAMs-Break from the Past at Tiffany's"

DREAMs-Break from the Past at Tiffany's

This dream happened last night:

I dreamt I was at someone's house and I was going to spend the night. They got out a sleeping bag for me, but it was incredibly grungy looking. I didn't want to put my body inside of it.

And this dream I was trying to post yesterday, which I think caused my journal to blow up (am I glad I wrote this down in a separate program first!):

A very weird and vivid dream. I was...someplace...with some friends I knew from High School. One of them brought out a birthday cake, but it wasn't a was seafood on a tray and each of the seafood morsels had a candle in it. I specifically remember the sea urchins, still in their shells. There was a woman there who was rather large, height-wise, with humungous earlobes. She gave me a smothering hug which annoyed me. Then there was someone I knew from college who I used to be friends with. She was really into music and I was discussing it with her. They were putting records on a record player and listening to them. I told her I had made a record, and she said she wanted to hear it. I pulled out what looked like a gold CD, but in fact it was a 45 single. It was weird, I could wear it around my wrist like a bracelet. I was trying to catch her ear and tell her that when I knew her, I knew she liked Eno and I couldn't stand him at that time, but I've since discovered his music and now love Eno. There were other people in the room, and this ex-friend invited us to go to Tiffany's and pick out a piece of gold jewelry that we liked. First of all, we went to some sort of strange storage building that was in an apartment complex. As we walked into it, I remember the colors of rose-ish maroon. Inside, there appeared to be an Indian (Asian) family sitting in apartment watching TV. Their door was open to the main lobby. They stared at us as if we were disturbing them. Then we went into a doorway that I thought was just a storage locker, but as we entered, it was in fact this Tiffany's that my ex-friend mentioned. I didn't understand the concept of what she wanted us to do...was she going to pay for the jewelry item we selected? Or did she get a discounted price and then we'd have to pay her back? I looked around at all this jewelry that was thrown together like someone's old costume jewelry box. For Tiffany's, items sure seemed of very low, junky quality. I was having a hard time finding something I liked. There was a gold ring in the shape of a snake set with rubies that was rather cute, but one of the other people that was with us selected that before I could. It was getting rather late and I still hadn't made my selection, they still hadn't listened to my CD, and I felt all this was just feel-good talk. Then I found myself outside of the apartment/Tiffany's building in a courtyard which was sort of like the courtyard by Tim's condo, or an area on any university campus with large old trees. There was this animal that appeared to be part bear and part large dog (Pressa Canario? the dogs that killed the woman in San Francisco) that started to climb up one of the trees. Then it came down and started to chase me. I ran back into the storage building and found a restroom to hide from it. There were other people in the restroom and they were discussing techniques to hide from these animals. We were all washing our hands...they said something about the smell of soap would scare them away. I can't remember what happened after that, but I do remember someone handing me a phone and David Lynch was on the other end. I didn't know what to say him ("I really like your movies" is so lame) so I ended up saying something really mixed up that didn't make any sense.


YEAH!!!!!!!!!!! yur back!
:::doin the happy pagan dance::::

damn girl, that is the weirdest dream....candles in seafood...junk jewelry..seruptitious hand washing...
LMAO...uhm, what did you eat before bedtime??? ;)

Posted by Lori @ 04:22:2002:05:47 PM CST

LOL. I love the part with the candles in the seafood. Actually, I didn't eat anything before I went to sleep. I had a salad for dinner from the salad bar at the health food store, and that's it.

I did watch "Hedwig and the Angry Inch" on video, however. That must've done it.

Posted by Ann @ 04:22:2002:07:24 PM CST

Should almost believe you were high on sushi again when you went to bed ;o]

Posted by Nico @ 04:23:2002:03:46 AM CST

Nico...I wish! I haven't had those divine morsels from the deep for AGES.

Posted by Ann @ 04:23:2002:08:59 AM CST

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