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12:20:2002 Entry: "Ann : DREAM-Sort of Like a Hurricane"

DREAM-Sort of Like a Hurricane

I had a vivid dream but I forgot what it was once I woke up. Then when I went back to sleep, I had another. It might have picked up from where the forgotten one left off, as I do seem to recall the unretrievable one did have something to do with houses.

I was in an older house like mine or my grandmother's. I was in the front room, in front of a bunch of windows. There was a large tree in the room, like an old oak or a catalpa. I was climbing it, straddling it with my legs. There was a storm going on outisde...lots of wind. The light was dim as if it was twilight. Then it was like it was the next morning. The house wasn't as old. My mom was living there, so I assumed it was my parent's house although it didn't look anything like theirs. In fact, it didn't look like any house I've been in, although it had a very familiar quality. The front windows were now closed with venetial blinds, but outside I could see a bunch of small bricks piled up in front of the windows. I thought it might have been from the windstorm, and was hoping that the storm didn't do too much damage to the house. I thought I should notify my mom about it. I have no idea where my dad was, but there was this vast area of bedrooms toward the back of the house. It was now more modern in style, like a ranch house. There was a master bedroom, and another bedroom off the master bedroom that my mom was sleeping in. It was light green in color. I had been sleeping in a rather dark, long, windowless bedroom that had fish tanks in it. My bed was a single bed. As I was looking for my mom, I found that there were two more bedrooms, one appeared to have a sort of pink decor and had a double bed. I wondered why I couldn't sleep in that bed (I had no idea where Stan was through all of this). I realized my mom was in the master bath washing up. I told her that she needed to take a look outside at the bricks. Then when she came out, I asked her why I couldn't sleep in one of the other two rooms. She told me I wouldn't like those bedrooms, that they're not as nice. I walked into one of them, and the double bed that I previously saw was no longer there...there was just a single bed. The floor didn't seem was just plywood with a blue rug over it. It was attached to another bedroom with a pseudo door that was more like a piece of plywood that didn't close all the way; one could see over it into the next room. I opened up the door to look into the other room; there was a step down. As I stepped down, I woke up...Stan was leaning over me kissing me goodbye for the day.


Do you have to train yourself to dream so vividly?? Man, mine are never that detailed! Nice way to wake up though, huh? ;o)

Thanks for updating my link!! :o)

Posted by Maria @ 04:24:2002:07:56 PM CST

Maria, I don't think I've trained myself to dream vividly, but I think maybe I've trained myself to *remember* the dreams, or at least I've gotten used to doing it, concentrating on key points in the dream after I wake up so that I can recount them later.

Then there are people who will say that there are some people who are closer to the "dream world"; that the involvement in their dream world is close to their involvement in their waking world, or perhaps there is little differentiation, so that it's not that hard to's just as easy as recounting what you had for breakfast and where you ate it the previous day.

Posted by Ann @ 04:25:2002:08:54 AM CST

That's an interesting theory, but I don't think it applies to everyone. I trained myself when I was very young to know whenever I am dreaming. I always know. NEVER do I not know when I am dreaming. (I used to have terrible nightmares as a child, and this was my only way to gain control over them.)

I think you are right though. It all depends on the suggestions you give to your subconcious mind.

Posted by Maria @ 04:25:2002:04:56 PM CST

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