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12:20:2002 Entry: "Ann : DREAM-Idiot Box"

DREAM-Idiot Box

I had two parts of one dream, at least I think they were connected, however I can't remember which part came first. Maybe they were structured like a kind of movie, so that the second part could lead back into the first part, like a loop. I don't know. I think it started out with me going into a meeting of sorts. I don't know what the meeting was about, art, maybe, but the people were all sitting around in a circle. One woman entered the room who looked slightly familiar, like someone I used to know, but this woman was older, maybe around 50. She had wrinkles, but otherwise looked a youthful 50-ish. She saw me and came over to me and presented me with a grocery bag of presents and told me to pick one. I felt around in the bag. Everything was wrapped, but something felt like large kitchen implements through the wrapping paper. I picked something that didn't have quite an odd shape. I opened turned out to be a book, a cookbook, I think, written by that woman. I couldn't figure out EXACTLY what kind of cookbook it looked like a traditional cookbook, but I didn't know what kind of recipes. I saw something about "drinks" and was hoping that maybe it was a guide to making froufrou mixed drinks, but it was hard to tell from the cover. I thanked her profusely, however. Then the people in the room mingled informally and I had to find a bathroom. I then realized we were in Stan's biodad's house because there was a large greenhouse addition built on to it (of which I am insanely jealous because he's let it go to waste, mostly, but I won't get into that here). However because of the way situations change in dreams, I don't think it remained at Stan's dad's house as it seemed to take on an older early 1900s quality to it (his is circa 1970). I found a bathroom, it was vacant, but there were people standing around outside of it. I used it, and when I came out, I found a monitor screen that showed the interior of the bathroom. A bunch of people put our hands inside the bathroom door while looking at the monitor and we could see our hands inside the bathroom on the monitor. Although conceptually it could be freaky to think people were watching the person inside, somehow we all trusted eachother not to do that. Then it was like we were watching the monitor, but it was some stupid teen/20-something show like on MTV dealing with relationships, cheating, sex...idiot fare. Then it was like I was actually on the set of one of these ridiculous shows. For some reason I had put facial tissues in my bra to make it appear stuffed, but I wasn't myself...I was a teen/20-something bleached blonde with short hair who had a black teenage boyfriend. Then I realized "What the heck am I doing here? This is stupid." I think I left. But then did I go to that meeting with people sitting around in a circle?

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