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12:20:2002 Entry: "Ann : DREAM-More Horrorshow Potential"

DREAM-More Horrorshow Potential

Stan and I were going to be visited from a guy we used to be friends with. We were very apprehensive about his visit, but agreed to it nonetheless. He had told us he was seeing a woman that I knew, if only virtually from a distance. The weird thing was, we were at this woman's house, and she was not there at all. I was in her bedroom looking for evidence that he was indeed seeing her. I was trying to find a diary or something she had written that would mention his name. I found a bluish-grey clothbound book that had writings in it, but there was no mention of him. I also had to go to the bathroom really badly. There was a toilet seat on the bed, so I was trying to go there, but it wasn't working. Then our former friend came in to the bedroom while this was happening. I was trying to hide myself from him, as well as this woman's diary. I finally got up, put the diary back on her dresser, and hoped that he wouldn't notice. It was rather scary.


omg...i hate it when you are dreaming and feel like you have to use the bathroom! I'm usually rather lucid in my dreams, and when that happens, it makes it worse when i try to wake up and can't, cause i know i have to really REALLY go!

now, a toilet seat on the bed???? oh that's to funny....nothing like not wanting to get caught with your pants down....LOL

Posted by Lori @ 05:02:2002:11:10 AM CST

I'm always afraid that I'll actually go to the bathroom, I mean, I talk, I cry, I shout, I scream, and when I wake up, I'm actually doing those things. No reason why I can't pee, right? I've been's never happened. I wasn't a bedwetter when I was a kid either...don't know if that makes a difference. But as we get older, things change...muscles become less tight. So I'm always fearing it for my future.

Posted by Ann @ 05:02:2002:07:05 PM CST

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