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12:20:2002 Entry: "Ann : No cellphone, no microwave, no SUV, not a single DVD, like Robinson Crusoe, as primative as can be."

No cellphone, no microwave, no SUV, not a single DVD, like Robinson Crusoe, as primative as can be.

I'd like to propose a new show on network television in the tradition of "Survivor" and "Pioneer House." A suburban family moves into our vintage 1908 fixer-upper in an attempt to see how the other half lives! They can't bring any of their own possessions with them. Nothing. Everything they use must be what is already existing here (in the case of clothing, comparable clothing to ours is provided, fitted to their own sizes). Yes, there are computers, (Macs) but they have to use a 56K dialup connection! The cars are old...mid-80s. Good God! There's a one-car garage...if your car was a Model A. So basically, it's relegated to storage, and trust us, at 1600 square feet, a humid, sandstone basement and minimal closets, you'll need all you can get. Did I mention...the salary gets cut to the size of our income too! Bank accounts, stock holdings, investments, all get eliminated before they move in, so any improvements that they need to do to the house will have to be done by these new residents themselves instead of hiring a contractor! Let's see who survives Ann-and-Stan-house! Oh, I forgot to video games for the kids either. Aaaaaagh!


I think that sort of torture for a viewers pleasure is illegal! ;P

Posted by Leann @ 05:02:2002:08:39 PM CST

Since I survive in my (rented) flat, without garage, freezer, couch, food prosessor, vcr, dvd, with a 233 mhz pc, I guess I could survive well in your house, even in your clothes ;o] Personally I think it's great that you live that "simple" way, but who cares what I think.

Posted by Nico @ 05:03:2002:08:11 AM CST

Sounds like my old house! (Expect for the macs though). That house was so tiny. It was a two story farmhouse built in 1896, I think. Itty bitty.

Posted by Anita @ 05:03:2002:08:28 AM CST

Forgot to central air or dishwasher...but that'll be addressed in upcoming episodes. ;-)

Actually, Anita, I don't think of my house as being that tiny! When we first got it, it seemed huge, compared to the places we used to live. And if we weren't artists and had to store our art everywhere, it would be quite spacious...I love old farmhouses, BTW. My friend Tim grew up in and his parents still live in one that pre-dates our state's statehood...1838 vintage, I believe. He had five siblings--they had one bathroom. Yes.

Nico, of course I care what you think. :-) The image of you in our clothes would be rather humorous...especially our pants...expecting a flood? ;-D (We're both under 5'6"). And you make my point very well. So much of the world lives very comfortably on so much's just that a certain segment of American society thinks people who live with less are "unfortunate" and pitiable, or they think they're stupid slacker slobs who aren't motivated to get a high paying job so they can be like them and so that they won't have to get stuck behind their slow moving rusty hoopties (no relation to mike ;-)) on the highway.

Yes, like Leann said, unfortunately, that kind of torture on TV for our pleasure is probably illegal. :-D

Posted by Ann @ 05:03:2002:08:49 AM CST

I forgot to add I don't have a dishwasher or microwave either, I used to have a microwave, but nothing you make in it is edible so I gave it to a neighbour. I had a cellphone once, but I threw it in a river one day when I walked over a bridge ;o]
It's a lot of freedom in not having too much material shit.

Posted by Nico @ 05:03:2002:02:08 PM CST

And I wonder how much 1600 square feet are in square meters, anyone??
And about the clothes, Ann, you don't have a dress or skirt or something? ;o]

Posted by Nico @ 05:03:2002:02:09 PM CST

Microwaves...I have yet to feel the need for one. Food is better when prepared in an oven or over a stove. Reheating coffee? Fuhgeddaboudit. If it's so old that it's cold, it's already grown mold. 1600 sq. feet...hmmm...I'm notoriously bad for not knowing the metric system. OK, there's a little over three feet in a meter...a yard is almost a meter, so would you divide 1600 by 9? (the number of square feet in a yard). And as far as dresses/skirts...I have some old ones in the closet...I don't wear dresses/skirts too much. I used to, but I really have no need for them as I seldom feel the need to dress up nor have the money to keep up. Plus, I'm very picky about styles. Fashions look stupid lately.

Posted by Ann @ 05:03:2002:02:32 PM CST

happily one can enjoy inverted snobbery over small house simple living these days. (tho not so easy in So. Cal. as we are). My partner & I live on his soc. sec. & my lo-paid job income, w/old cars & slo pc, in our 'bargain' 700 sf cottage which we are slowly remodeling w/mostly scavenged & junk-shop resources. Most satisfying & lots of fun. Incidentally we gave up our TV 7 years ago & never looked back. Good music, good books & the Internet take up all my former TV watching time now.

Posted by Kivah Canyon @ 05:07:2002:12:41 PM CST

By Ann @ 20:22 PM CST:12:20:02 ..::Link::..