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12:20:2002 Entry: "Ann : DREAMs-Series of Plagues Hit Fort Collins"

DREAMs-Series of Plagues Hit Fort Collins

I was travelling with Stan, I think, in a car. I also think we were travelling in Fort Collins, but I'm not really sure. The buildings were large red brick structures, like apartment or industrial buildings built in the mid 20th century, but they looked abandonned and were covered with a white coating, like powder or salt encrustations. It was as if a nuclear salt bomb had exploded. In another dream, I was in Fort Collins and had left my stuff with my parents in their basement. I went downtown to some restaurant and was seeing people from my past...not Colorado past, but pre-Colorado...New York past. Grade School. It was raining really badly and the gutters were overflowing. Someone told me that my parent's garden was flooding. I was worried that the water would seep into their basement and ruin all my stuff.

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