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12:20:2002 Entry: "Ann : DREAM-Creepy Landlord Real Estate Agent Type Guy"

DREAM-Creepy Landlord Real Estate Agent Type Guy

I dreamt that Stan and I were moving out of our home =-C and into some condo in a multi-unit building. I could hear noises of children in the next door unit. I have no idea why we were doing this. We were talking to either a landlord or a real estate agent; I have no idea which it was as I don't know if we were going to be renting or buying. I remember the living room was done up in pink and mauve odd. After we put a downpayment of about $325 down on the deal, I went home and asked Stan if he remembered anything about them saying that they allowed pets, namely dogs. He couldn't remember, so we contacted the agent again. The agent said they didn't. I told them that we didn't want to go through with the deal. He got incensed that we would pull out of the deal, but I was saying that he was practicing shady real estate tactics because he didn't mention it to us. He asked "Do you realize that you will be out $325? Are having dogs really worth that?" What a jerk. We were threatenning to sue him.


People who doesn't have pets and some of the people who do, doesn't understand that those hairy creatures are our kids ;o] There are people who get rid of their pets because they want to go on vacation - they can always get a new one when they come back home, especially cats since kittens are given away for free. Some people should have been double spanked - and sued afterwards.

Posted by Nico @ 05:06:2002:01:59 PM CST

I knew someone who moved to a certain city to go to grad school. He got a cat to keep himself company. After grad school, he wanted to return to the city he came from, BUT instead of driving back out there (which is how he arrived in said city), he wanted to take a train for the "ambience" and cats aren't allowed on trains (or at least on the train system he wanted to take) so he ended up giving the cat to a neighbor. Unfreakinbelievable. I'm glad the neighbor took the cat.

I knew someone who became pregnant who had several birds. After the baby arrived, she gave the birds to someone else because she didn't have time for them any more. Fortunately, she knew someone who wanted the birds. Still, Afreakinmazing.

I mean these stories have fortunate endings, but at the same time, I think these people had really lousy excuses to give up their pets. I'm just glad they were able to find them homes. I mean they're not like a large piece of furniture that won't fit in your house anymore.

Posted by Ann @ 05:06:2002:02:41 PM CST

Those people shouldn't have got pets in the first place, a lot of people shouldn't, maybe it would be an idea with some sort of license.

Posted by Nico @ 05:07:2002:02:38 PM CST

In this state, we have to license our dogs, but we don't need a license in order to get dogs.

Rhetorical question: People need a license in order to get married. Why, when they don't need a license in order to have kids (or pets, for that matter)? Certainly having children (or pets) requires more responsibility and accountability than two people deciding to live together. It's almost as if the "marriage" license includes a license to have kids, which is absurd because many people have kids outside of marriage and many people who are married do not have kids.

Posted by Ann @ 05:07:2002:03:16 PM CST

By Ann @ 20:22 AM CST:12:20:02 ..::Link::..