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12:20:2002 Entry: "Ann : DREAM-You know it's that time of the year when you dream of tornados"

DREAM-You know it's that time of the year when you dream of tornados

We were listening to the radio or watching tv and the weather report was on and it was predicting rainy weather for weeks on end. Stan was quite mad because he wouldn't be able to work on the house or in the garden. We were in a very strange house...I can't describe it too well, but there weren't many windows, yet I could see outside through skylights or some strange window system. I heard a strange noise outside and looked up and could see the shadow of a funnel cloud passing right over us. It freaked me out. Then the sky turned very blue and cloudless as if there had been no storm. I went outside and looked at our house and saw that the roof and a certain corner of it had been quite damaged. I called Stan to come look too, and when he saw the destruction, he told me that we would have to contact our friends and tell them that we couldn't do anything with them. I took that to mean that we wouldn't be able to go out to Colorado this fall and asked him if this is what he meant. He said yes. I told him I'd better call my mom. I went back into the house and dialed my parents' number. It was the strangest thing...there was a teenage girl in my house who was also at my parent's house. She was their granddaughter, but she was not my daughter--I have no children and I am an only child. Go figure that Lynchian conundrum out. She looked like a cross between Drew Barrymore and my neighbor's teenage daughter. When she picked up the phone at my parent's house, I asked to speak to my mom, her grandmother. When she put my mom on the line, my mom couldn't hear me speak. I kept shouting, but she must have thought the line was dead, so she hung up. I tried calling back, meanwhile, the teen girl had turned the radio up and I thought maybe that's why my mom couldn't hear because the radio was on. I couldn't figure out how to turn the radio off, so I unplugged instead. The teen girl answered the phone again, and when I asked to speak to her grandmother and told her who I was, she put my mom on again, and still my mom didn't respond to me because she couldn't hear me. I shouted outloud, "MOM!" probably waking Stan up. I must have given up on trying to contact my parents because as I shouted in my sleep, I woke up and went back into a similar dream...similar house, except this time I was amongst people I knew. There was a guy there who I suspect may have liked me at one time, or maybe he still does, or maybe he never did...I don't know. The people in the room were reading books and magazines and things on low had to sit on the floor in order to position one's legs under the table. This guy was sitting crosslegged on the floor and pulled me down to sit on his lap. Then he started scooting with me on his lap toward the table. It was most disturbing because I could feel certain things while I was sitting on his lap, if you know what I mean. It disturbed me a lot, because he knew he was doing this to a married woman...someone married to a friend of his.

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