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12:20:2002 Entry: "Ann : You of those square states out west..."

You of those square states out west...

Yikes...authorities think the mail bomb suspect is from Wisconsin. It's sure weird watching his/her/their trail on tv...looks like they took a trip down I-80, the same way we go when we travel. One amusing thing on the local news last night...they showed a map of the US with the states highlighted where they discovered pipe bombs. They said that the most recent bomb was discovered in Colorado. Our local news, which is so full of wisdom, had the state of Wyoming highlighted instead. Makes me wonder if Colorado confuses Wisconsin with Minnesota. Someone really ought to give those kids a geography lesson. My goodness, I knew all my states and capitols by the time I was eight. Granted, I've forgotten a few of the capitols in these 30-plus years, but I can still label all the states on a blank map.


That remindes me when it was election night 2000, and there was a special episode of the Daily Show with Jon Stewart, and correspondent Steve Carell was at the election map, and Jon asked him to point to one of the 'square states' (I forgot which one) and he couldn't find it. I probably couldn't point out the 'square states' either.

Posted by Anita @ 05:07:2002:02:46 PM CST

Hmmm...maybe he was thinking of square not so much in terms of physical shape, but as personality traits of the square, dadd-i-o! ;-)

Posted by Ann @ 05:07:2002:02:53 PM CST

"authorities think the mail bomb suspect is from Wisconsin"
Oh my god, what have you done now, Ann!? ;o)

Posted by Nico @ 05:08:2002:06:46 AM CST

*Snort* Yeah, I knew someone would think it was me! ;-) My ability to look male and half my age was uncanny, no? Right now I'm blogging this from a Nevada jail...

Oh S***! I just heard on the radio that he was an Art Student!

But seriously, Stan and I were talking about this yesterday, and we were wondering, why take it out on innocent people in states you have no relation to, surely, being a university student in Wisconsin (and now an ART student, I hear), surely there are plenty DESERVING people he could take his anger out on...heh heh...oh, I'm not naming names. I don't even know anyone at the campus he attended (UW-Stout), but bad experiences at art schools are certainly not exclusive to myself and Stan.

That kid needed to get a blog, or if he felt physical violence, slug an art professor. This pipebomb cowardly.

Posted by Ann @ 05:08:2002:09:24 AM CST

Yeah, "poor little kid". No-one listened to him so he decided to pipe bomb mailboxes to get someone's attention.

His family lives in Menomonie, WI. He attended UW-Stout. Apparently a fairly normal (?) boy. Well, a few years in jail with Big Bubba as his best friend will get him plenty of attention What a world.

Of course, just another nut case from Wisconsin. Must be something in the water.

Posted by Lorraine @ 05:08:2002:04:00 PM CST

"another nut case from Wisconsin"

present company excluded, of course. ;-)

wonder if he'll try and plea bargain some sort of "art performance" justification to get a reduced sentence. Heh.

Posted by Ann @ 05:08:2002:04:18 PM CST

hey, now i am from CO...and i know the difference between the states...although, aren't they both fricken cold??? LOL

and what's with that stupid idiot with the mailbox bombs??? i swear...

Posted by Lori @ 05:09:2002:11:41 AM CST

Ya hey, up nort here we wear our parkas in summer, you betcha.

Posted by Ann @ 05:09:2002:12:45 PM CST

By Ann @ 20:22 PM CST:12:20:02 ..::Link::..