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12:20:2002 Entry: "Ann : DREAM-Secret Federal Express Agent Woman"

DREAM-Secret Federal Express Agent Woman

Dream was really complex and hard to remember all the details. I was at my former job as if I was picking up after a long absence, as opposed to picking up after having quit six years ago. I specifically remember my supervisor was there, and we were attending a launch meeting of a new typesetting project. I would be doing the illustrations as usual. As we were sitting at a table in a very dark and dimly lit room, we were interrupted by a Fed Ex delivery person who delivered a small package right to me. I was surprised they didn't have to ask who I was and if I was present. Then the dream shifted. I was walking with some people in a small town that seemed to be at least 40 years ago...very Mayberry. We walked up to one building that was like an old fashioned duplex house with one main porch. In one picture window I saw a strange dog. It had a terrier-ish (Dandy Dinmont?) hair cut, but the face looked like an Affenpinscher or a Brussel's Griffon, except it was larger, like the size of an medium-size dog (40 lb?) I saw a man in that window. In the other picture window in the part of the house we were headed towards I saw a white puma. We went into that was huge, like the lobby of a hotel. We were there to pick up some person...I think she looked sort of like Laura Dern. She was the daughter of one of the people I was with. Then we went into a very old fashioned soda fountain/diner. We sat down, and again, someone from Fed Ex found me and gave me a package. I asked the delivery person, who was a woman, how they knew who I was...did they have some secret intelligence software that could identify me? She told me that's what they used. Then she showed me how it worked. This laser equipment scans people and when it finds the correct person who the package is to, it shoots out a stream of sweet liquid at them. Very weird. I also remember something about a beagle puppy playing with Plato, and the basement of my parent's house, but it was very vague.


damn! what a weird fucking dream! but hey...what was in the package? and was there a sherrif deputy there with one bullet in his pocket? tee-hee ;)

Posted by Lori @ 05:13:2002:10:55 PM CST

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