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12:20:2002 Entry: "Ann : DREAMs-Wrong Way, Go Back"

DREAMs-Wrong Way, Go Back

I was driving in the mountains in Colorado in the winter. I was trying to find some turnoff to a park. I found the road, which had some yellow road markers or highway equipment by it, but it was inaccessible by car. I got out and started walking up this snowcovered path with hairpin turns. Eventually, the path ran out and it turned into this strange low-lying remnant of an old castle turret. I was trying to climb up it to get to my destination, but it was futile. There were a bunch of people standing in a line to go up the same path, but I told them it didn't go anywhere. They were encouraging me to go on, but I knew if I kept trying to climb up this thing, it would be too difficult and wouldn't lead anywhere.

I was taking some night class that was for adults but taught at a high-school level. It was on U.S. history, but they were starting with the Revolutionary War. (Because of my childhood past, i.e., moving around the country a lot and not being in one school system the whole time, I got too much Rev. war and not enough of the other parts of U.S. history) I was very frustrated with this and had one of those "why am I here?" feelings which I get frequently in dreams during situations I don't like.


I had a similar dream last winter, the hairpin turns in the car, then getting out to walk the path, when I came back...the people, still in line,...they just didn't get it that I had gotten nowhere...when I turned away in disgust and walked back down there were these same people, selling trinkets and such, marking time, in their place in the line...

Posted by Lily @ 05:21:2002:12:12 AM CST

By Ann @ 20:23 AM CST:12:20:02 ..::Link::..