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12:20:2002 Entry: "Ann : Stupid Question of the Day"

Stupid Question of the Day

(Yes, there are stupid questions, but only when asked by people who are in some position of authority that should know better)

Some substitute interview guy on NPR to a caller who identified himself as a 32-year old Gen-Xer: "Has Generation X moved into its thirties now?"


Now back when I was in my early 20s, I heard WE were Gen-X (for those who couldn't figure out from my "about me" page, I was born in 1961. Then something strange started happening as we moved into the 1990s that I refer to as "Generation Creep." Gen-X started creeping up, so that it now excluded people like myself, then it excluded people born in the mid-60s, then people born in the late it looks like Generation X might even exclude people born in the early 70s?

What the...?!?

All I can say is that the band Generation X would not have qualified as Generation X several times over by these standards--wasn't Billy Idol born in 1955 or something? I wish the media would stop the creep already! It's like it's floating, there's no set years, it's whatever they wish to define for their agenda. Or they keep thinking someone is a Gen-Xer if they are 27, regardless of the year.

Sometimes the media is just so moronic.


I want to know what us people born in the early 1980's are called. Too young to be Generation X'ers, too old to be 'tweens.

Posted by Anita @ 05:16:2002:01:50 PM CST

after noticing the same creep, i did some investigating. i have long since forgotten my source, but i read that historians consider Gen Xers anyone born between 1960-1976. this excludes me.

Gen Y is the "official" label for people born between 1977-1990. no clue what the kids between 1990-now have been labeled. so i suppose i am a Generation Yer. (whatever that means.)

Posted by branOphie @ 05:16:2002:08:45 PM CST

I was born in 1965, and I couldn't agree with you more! All of a sudden we are displaced? Really pisses me off!! We waited forever just to get the Gen X classification! :oP

Posted by Maria @ 05:16:2002:09:29 PM CST

I don't want to be a Y. I want to be a nobody.

Posted by Anita @ 05:17:2002:02:00 PM CST

my first thought is...who the fuck cares!

Yet, in the interest of debate, i always heard that the baby boom generation ended in 1963. Then anyone born after that, up to 1080 in a generation x...then after that.....i have no clue.

SOOoooooo...since i was born in 1963, i was horrified to think i would be classified as a "boomer'. But now, seeing i may be a "GenX", it horrifies me all over again!! LOL

I've said it to my fav sister-in-law once, and i'll say it again....seeing as when i was growing up, what i did and what i watched..."I" am one of the original Goths!
:::who likes the color pink too...shhhhhhhh::::

Posted by Lori @ 05:17:2002:03:17 PM CST

I think the media just doesn't know what to do with us folks born in the early 60s because we share some characteristics of both boomer and x-er. Financially, we're actually more screwed than either (these are just statistics I heard). I propose a new Generation just for us (a little punk humour here...bonus points for anyone who can name the connection)...Generation Damned.

Lori...your secret's safe with me...I hate to admit I'm a pink loving goth too. I'm so ashamed.

Posted by Ann @ 05:19:2002:09:06 AM CST

By Ann @ 20:23 PM CST:12:20:02 ..::Link::..