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12:20:2002 Entry: "Ann : DREAM-Remotely Controlled"

DREAM-Remotely Controlled

Stan and I were driving around town on Johnson or Gorham street, and we noticed that we had lost our TV remote on the street. It didn't look like our had yellowish orange colors on it, but we knew it was ours nonetheless. We didn't stop to pick it up, I decided I'd go retrieve it later. In the meantime I was worried that someone else would find it or that it would get run over. Then later in the dream, I was watching TV. There was a futon in front of the TV, and Stan was sitting on the futon, blocking my view of the screen, staring into space, not even paying attention to the TV. I asked him to move, so he moved a few inches and rotated himself to be facing a different direction, but he was still blocking my view. I yell out in my sleep: "Can't you just be normal?" and wake both of us up.

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