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12:20:2002 Entry: "Ann : Empty Nest Syndrome"

Empty Nest Syndrome

Yesterday there were only two birds in the nest. I assume that the other two had flown off. The parents kept flying back and forth toward the nest, as if to show the remaining babies, "see, it's easy...just flap your wings and go!" The babies would watch, cocking their heads trying to grasp the concept--it was so cute, like a cartoon. Then they'd stand at the rim of the nest and flap but go nowhere. Today there's only one left. He or she must be lonely. It's sad to see them all go.

Update: Now there are none...I heard a thunk-kerplunk outside and looked in the nest. No baby. I was afraid it flew into a window. I ran downstairs and went outside to see if I could find it luck. I hope it is safe, wherever it is.


I've spent many weeks watching parent birds teach their children how to eat out of my bird feeder. Even when the babies are out of the nest it takes a few weeks before they're free of their parents. It's such a wonderful process to watch. Though loud when the babies are sitting on the bird feeder chirping for food while the parent is calmly eating away, ignoring the chirps and trying to convey the idea that seeds are good if you just lower your head and peck at them.

Posted by Leann @ 05:19:2002:11:16 AM CST

Isn't it awesome to be part of something so simple, yet so beautiful!

Warren and I had morning doves who nested in one of our hanging plants on our balcony. We watched them raise 3 different generations from the nest. When we moved out of the apartment, we left the hanging pot there, hoping that the new residents would see the doves, and allow them to live there as we had. It was really a cool experience. :o)

Posted by Maria @ 05:19:2002:11:32 AM CST

It's been great watching them these past few weeks, but they grow up so fast! Later today, the mom and dad were flying back to their empty nest, hopping in and out of it, looking confused as to where everyone was. I don't know if it was force of habit or what they were doing. It was quite sad.

Posted by Ann @ 05:19:2002:04:04 PM CST

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