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12:20:2002 Entry: "Ann : DREAMS-Must have been the excessive amounts of Nuprin I've been taking"

DREAMS-Must have been the excessive amounts of Nuprin I've been taking

Night before last: I kept having dreams that were just sillly snippets and I kept waking up giggling. I can only remember a few of these dreams. One was I was looking at a magazine and Stan was in a picture on a page of it. If I looked at the picture, he would look back at me. I made a face at him and the picture smiled. I made another face at him, and the picture made a face back at me. Then I put my mouth up to the picture like I was going to swallow it, and I could hear him go "aaaagh!" like he was going to be swallowed. Weird. I was going to have my picture taken by some professional studio for a driver's license, as supposedly (in the dream) drivers licenses could be a picture of the owner's choosing. They had me sit down in a Cleopatra reclining style pose, and they brought in a large Great Dane dog so that I would smile for the camera. I remember that they took one picture, but it turned out very yellow so they had to try another shot. Then Tim came in with another dog which was like a cross between a Golden Retriever and a Rottweiler, but it was very vicious and growled at Tim. I was afraid it would attack his face. Then I was talking to some guy who was supposedly Iggy Pop, but I don't think it was him as they guy was younger than me even. He had just gotten plastic surgery and he looked very weird. He was asking me what I thought of the surgery results, as he didn't like it himself, and I had to agree with him that it looked awful. They made his nose huge so that it looked like he was in a fishlens camera, and they put collagen implants in his lips and did some weird structuring with his jawline.

Last night: I was in an art class at a university. I remember I had gone to the first class, and then it was the next day and I was going to the second class. I remember one of the professors teaching it was one of my printmaking teachers from CSU. I could tell he was having an argument with his gay lover fellow art professor in the office adjacent to the classroom. I can't remember that we students were doing anything in particular except just sitting at tables. Then we all went outside for some reason. It was at night and it was raining. We were standing in this very strange alcove entry that was massive and constructed of tile, like a large shower room from the early part of the last century. Although it was a covered area, I could feel rain coming down. Then someone pointed out that rain was coming through one of the light fixtures. We were all afraid that there would be a fire and started clearing out of the building. Then I remembered that my cat Caligula was still upstairs in the art rooms. I was worried.


Would have been funny, if one could choose the picture for the driverslicense oneself ;o]

Posted by Nico @ 05:24:2002:02:22 AM CST

Yeah! My current DL pic is from 1996. It doesn't look like me at all. I'd love to use me in a halloween disguise.

Posted by Ann @ 05:25:2002:04:18 PM CST

By Ann @ 20:23 AM CST:12:20:02 ..::Link::..