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12:20:2002 Entry: "Ann : Cough"


I really hate the smell of barbecue. I hate the smell of the smoke, I hate the smell of the scorched flesh, I hate the smell of the lighter fluid. Why does everyone and his brother have to barbecue outside today? Because you're "supposed to?" It's really hard in densely packed areas of the city like where I live, where the lots are only 40x120 or less, and some are multi-family units. All that stink pollution. Why do people so blindly follow holiday traditions? We don't even own a grill. What's wrong with a cold meal on a hot day instead of cooking outside anyway? It's not even hot today. I'm barefoot and my feet are cold.

Stop the insanity!


The air here smelled like the time I was on a boat near Maui between snorkeling sites, and I was getting terribly sea sick and they were grilling hamburgers. The cooking meat was what finally did me in.

And that is why I hate Memorial Day (or any day) barbeques now. The associations are just awful.

Posted by Amber @ 05:28:2002:12:27 AM CST

Ann!! :oD

I love the smell of barbeque in the morning ;o] Seriously, barbequed meat taste great and smell great, I'd take it before cold salad any day, but then again I never barbeque. Too damn much work ;o]

Posted by Nico @ 05:28:2002:02:57 AM CST

I can totally relate to that association, Amber. Which is why I hate Xmas because it'd inevitably end up in the annual Xmas fight between me and my dad. However, I don't feel as bad about that now...why just watching an Osbornes rerun last night and even *they* had a Xmas fight...heh. And the Festivus episode on true.

Actually Nico, I like the taste of barbecued ribs. But we can simulate that at home without having to char the flesh (which is very unhealthy, actually...carcinogens, as I've heard) or fill the atmosphere with smoke. It's just using the right BBQ sauce (Famous Dave's) and cooking it a special way (Stan's a genius). But when everyone in my neighborhood (except us...Stan had to work and we don't have a grill anyway) is cooking out, it's very noxious to us non-grillers. Kinda like being a non-smoker in a room of smokers or having chemical sensitivities in a room with women wearing heavy doses of perfume. I even live in the city...I'd hate to find out what it smelled like in the suburbs yesterday. But I guess that's why they build the houses further apart there, to allow for people's silly stinky indulgences. :-P

Posted by Ann @ 05:28:2002:08:24 AM CST

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