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12:20:2002 Entry: "Ann : DREAMs-Three Weird Stoner Brothers"

DREAMs-Three Weird Stoner Brothers

First, a real life scenario to set the stage. Last night (IRL) Tim was over and it was getting late (for him and Stan who both had to go to work early the next day) but he was out of allergy medicine, but because it was late he didn't want to stop at a store to buy some, so Stan gave him some Benedryl. I said that we give Benedryl to lots of people, that we live in the Benedryl House--like Crack House. OK, I guess one had to have been there.

Now the dream:

I was with Stan and his sister "J". She took us to some house where these hippie intellectual types were living. They had some natural herb medicine for allergies and she and Stan both needed some. J was with a boyfriend, who I think was named Lee (made up for the dream). There were other people that came with us, namely many relatives from Stan's adopted mom's side of the family (J is a biological half sister). There were about three men who lived in this house, they all looked like they could be brothers...maybe late 40s, mid-50s in age. They were smoking pot. They were weird looking, like Stephen King crossed with Leonard Nimoy (weird). The house was older, like a bungalow, fairly spacious with wood trim. They had tons of houseplants, I remember all sorts of Coleuses and Wandering Jews in all sorts of patterns I'd never seen before. I wanted to get clippings from them, but the guys seemed rather stuck up toward me. I remember one of the guys was smoking a HUGE was like three feet long and maybe five inches in diameter. Then the brother's wives came home. I can't remember what happened, but something made Stan's adopted mom's side of the family angry, so they all left. I noticed that they were carrying packages, like gifts, and they were taking them with them, like they were originally going to give these gifts to these brothers but something made them so mad that they decided not to. The house cleared out of guests, and the only people left were me, J, and Lee, plus the brothers and their wives.

Then I dreamt that I had an infant baby. I had to go to the store, but I didn't have an infant car seat, but I didn't want to leave the infant alone at home. I didn't know what to do with the darn thing. I also didn't have a bed for it...I didn't know where it would sleep. I thought I could make a bed for it out of of a laundry basket. I actually can't remember whether I dreamt this before the first dream, or after it.

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