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12:20:2002 Entry: "Ann : Stalking in Seattle"

Stalking in Seattle

I watched another defyingly popular, overly sentimental latter-day Hollywood movie that everyone but Stan and I saw before, on cable again last night: "Sleepless in Seattle." Although not utterly boring like "The Bill Chill," I still had a problem with it...not just the fact that it had a totally implausible plotline especially regarding the matchmaking kid taking a plane to New York by himself, but the fact that the Meg Ryan character leaves her boyfriend/fiancee for some guy she hears on a stupid call-in talk show. I mean, what the? When I started watching it, I was thinking, "OK, this boyfriend guy is either going to die or end up being a total cheating schmuck" which will cause Meg to meet Tom Hanks (I forgot the characters' names). But no...they were perfectly compatible...unless I missed something. What the heck kind of message is this sending? "Go for it, girls!" Puhlease. And she was a stalker! Stalking a voice she hears on a talk show three thousand miles across the country! I guess that's why they chose someone benign like Meg Ryan for the part than say...Glen Close. That way it doesn't seem like stalking. It's just scoping him out. Yeah. Right.

I still can't believe what the public cheerily eats up, lauds with praise, and doesn't question. No wonder why our society is so screwed up.


Yikes! Seattle! Stalker! Email buddy turned insane obsessive emotionally unstable warphead! I'm getting flashbacks :-)

Posted by Jane @ 06:06:2002:12:38 PM CST

LOL! That's weird...I know/knew someone who is compulsively drawn to Seattle where I believe he has a restraining order against him...kind of a stalker type.

What is it about Seattle and stalkers?

You don't think...naw, that'd be too coincidental. But from your description...

Posted by Ann @ 06:06:2002:03:11 PM CST

You can never tell... but I'm reminded of those electronic tomoguchi pets that require lots of digital feeding and attention, and they would cry LCD tears and look very angry if you ignore them for more than a few hours. You can't turn them off either - if your tomoguchi became obsessively unmanageable you had to let it "die" and turn off on its own. If only all energy vampires are as easy to care for as tomoguchi pets...

Back to the movie - how would the audience react if the female was played by Kathy Bates and the male character played by Gilbert Godfried? You think we'd have the same ratings or will this score "rotten" on

Posted by Jane @ 06:06:2002:03:51 PM CST

I think Kathy Bates and Gilbert Godfried would be more realistic. I know people like both of them. I don't know many Tom Hanks and Meg Ryans. But who does?

Posted by Ann @ 06:06:2002:06:41 PM CST

I've heard Seattle has the highest incidence of serial killers. Is there a connection? *grin*

No, really.. I did hear that!

Posted by Leann @ 06:06:2002:08:24 PM CST

It's rather strange cause I re-watched half of that realistic and very cosycosy movie on tv wedensday ;o] Well, a good rule is to stay away from Meg Ryan movies if one have diabetes or for other reason try to avoid sugar ;o]

Posted by Nico @ 06:07:2002:02:19 AM CST

sleepless in seattle always a good movie to watch in seattle.

Posted by tim blair @ 11:17:2002:06:58 PM CST

sleepless in seattle always a good movie to watch in seattle.

Posted by tim blair @ 11:17:2002:07:01 PM CST

By Ann @ 20:23 AM CST:12:20:02 ..::Link::..