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12:20:2002 Entry: "Ann : I'm just a tad excited and can't concentrate on things."

I'm just a tad excited and can't concentrate on things.

Stan's half sister on his dad's side is coming to see us today. She had a bead show she was going to see in Milwaukee (she's a beader) and will stop by Madison this afternoon. We've never met her in person before...the only sister we have left to meet. Still two half-brothers on his mom's side that hopefully we can meet this fall.

This whole family thing and relatives is an alien concept to me. I prefer my animals and plants...they're my family. I find it easier to talk to them too.

I'm slightly depressed regarding one of my plants. It's dying. It was a prayer plant, (Maranta) but it wasn't one like any you've seen before. Most Marantas come in the regular green variety "Rabbit Tracks" with darker spots, or they're a variegated version of that--splotched with yellow, or they're the herringbone kind with the red veins. This one was like the red-veined variety, but there was no red. The veins were light bluish-greenish-grey. I saw it at a local greenhouse back in April. I fell in love with it and took it home and loved it. Just recently leaves started turning yellow very quickly. The other day I performed emergency surgery and transplanted it amongst several pots. It was thoroughly rootbound. I noticed it had new shoots, so I'm hoping that the new shoots will be its last chance of surviving, because the rest of the plant can be sadly written off. I went to a few greenhouses yesterday to see if by chance I could find a replacement, but all I found were the other three Marantas I already have that are thriving very well. I don't understand what went wrong...I feel like I killed it, but Stan says that I couldn't have killed it in that short a time, and my thriving plants that I've had much longer are proof of that. It must have been about to die when I bought it, even though it looked healthy.

This must sound really kooky if you're not a plant lover, but certain plants you develop quite an attachment to and it really saddens you when they die. Especially if they're rare and not easily replaced.


I agree, I like to talk to my cats too cause they always listen.

It doesn't sound too kooky, all though I'm more a plantkiller than lover ;o]

Posted by Nico @ 06:08:2002:05:27 PM CST

Ann I hope your plant will be ok, but the situation sounds very grave. I am terrible with plants, neglect them in fact, which is bad of me. I'm better with cut flowers.

Posted by Jane @ 06:08:2002:07:01 PM CST

By Ann @ 20:23 AM CST:12:20:02 ..::Link::..