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12:20:2002 Entry: "Ann : Kvetch-o-rama"


If I see another news report on another rich blonde white girl that's gone missing somewhere out in a fancy schmancy suburbo neighborhood in the nouveau west, I think I'll hurl.

According to a newsreport I saw on FOX news (don't ask why I was watching FOX), there are 2100 missing children reports every day. But we never hear about them, do we? Only Mommy and Daddy's little princesses get the news coverage.

And while we're at it...I'm tired of hearing how paranoid everyone is about terrorist attacks. I have real fears to be worried about, like my husband getting his hours cut back and not being able to keep our heads above water and pay our bills. Terrorist utterly removed from the reality of my own situation. I'll trade someone's paranoid terrorist fears anyday for my real life fears of further indebtedness. And while I'm paranoid about our financial situation, there are others that have even more serious things to be paranoid about that directly affect their lives.


hear hear!

Posted by Leann @ 06:11:2002:09:30 PM CST

I think there's reason to fear terrorists if you live in larger cities in the US. On the other it's not so much reason to fear anything. Accourding to the statistics, our western world has never been safer, it's less homocides than 100 years ago, less deadly diseases (for every person who dies of a disease today, ten people died 100 years ago). It has never been safer to travel.

Posted by Nico @ 06:12:2002:04:58 AM CST

Yep, I am with you on the terrorist attack thing. My hours got cut back, and my boyfriend lost his job all together! Talk about your worries! :op

The missing children thing though... Any missing child is a horrible awful nightmare. I don't care what color, religion, or sex. We need to watch our kids better. People accused our family of being over protective, but we never had to go through the living hell of loosing a child either. (My Sister's kids, I never had any of my own.) I was like a guard dog with those girls, and I still am. Proudly over protective!!

Posted by Maria @ 06:12:2002:10:04 AM CST

By Ann @ 20:23 PM CST:12:20:02 ..::Link::..