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12:20:2002 Entry: "Ann : Boring dumb stuff about plants. It's boring...really it is."

Boring dumb stuff about plants. It's boring...really it is.

Our lupines are blooming and doing the best I've ever seen them do. We have bluish-purple with white, pale salmon with yellow, dark salmon with cherry, salmon with white, solid white and solid salmon. We noticed we didn't have any yellow ones, which I thought was probably the most common, if not the most ferral, of the colors. So yesterday we decided to go greenhousing to get some pansies to fill in some areas where perennials were dying back for the season. Only one store was selling pansies...were we too late or what? We happened to notice some yellow lupines at Klein's, so we bought a plant. As soon as we got home, Stan said, "you're not going to believe what's outside in the lupines." I looked. I saw a lupine plant with a new flower bud. In yellow. I think that just demonstrated a universal law or something..."Universal law #283...if you think you're out of something and buy a replacement, you'll discover you always had it to begin with once you return with the newly purchased item."

I am going to try to propagate my Peperomias. I tried to take a leaf cutting of one of them and followed some Peperomia propagation instructions in a book I had, placing the leaf in rooting medium, slitting the veins on the leaf, and applying rooting hormone. It's not too quick to react to where I slit it, but I noticed the other day that it is developing some good roots at the base of the leaf stem. So I think I'll try more with the same method. I also want to try to root the leaf stems in water to see if that would work too. In the instructions it says to place the stem through plastic wrap over the glass, but how can you add more water to that? So I thought that instead of plastic wrap, I'll use mosquito netting that will allow water to pass through to replenish the glass when it is low. I'm pretty sure I had a bunch of mosquito netting I used for some project or something, but when I went to look for it, I couldn't find it. I did, however, have a bunch of black lace from my old goth days. It'll work just as well as mosquito netting. So I'll be using black lace to help with propogatng my plants. Only at my house.

Yes, as a matter of fact, there was black lace in my dream last night, come to think of it.

But I also remember more dream that had nothing to do with the sexy teddy or the weird staring woman or Maxwell Smart. I dreamt I created some very strange art object. It had these 1" plastic squares at the end of these long things, (I can't remember of explain what they were) and the long things were assembled a strange black piece of furniture, like a side board or dresser. It was rather cool. People were telling me they liked it a lot.


Where the long things on the art made of metall?

Posted by Nico @ 06:15:2002:09:19 AM CST

I don't was really hard to remember or even understand that part of the dream. I do know the actual furniture was wood like ebony or at least just dyed black wood.

Posted by Ann @ 06:15:2002:09:21 AM CST

Lupines? I assume you're growing these outside (sorry for being ignorant I've only seen them grow in my Mother-in-law's garden in Scotland). So how tall do they get in WI? Are they perrenial here too? And what colors do you have?

Posted by Leann @ 06:15:2002:12:04 PM CST

*rereads your post* forget the color question!

Posted by Leann @ 06:15:2002:12:05 PM CST

Yes, they're perennials here...even in our yard which gets blasted by winds (we're a zone 4, but sometimes even lose zone 4 plants). They get about 2-3 feet high. They're wonderful!

Posted by Ann @ 06:15:2002:02:18 PM CST

u smell funny (poop)

Posted by ass @ 12:04:2002:11:10 AM CST

By Ann @ 20:23 AM CST:12:20:02 ..::Link::..