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12:20:2002 Entry: "Ann : Getting Back to My Roots"

Getting Back to My Roots

This post by Nico cracked me up. But you want to know something weird? I have this reverse aging process going on with my hair. I kid you not...I am not making this up:

I have been plucking the few white hairs coming in on my head for several years now. I have not used a lightener or any hair dye product that causes any chemical change for over a year (I used to streak my hair). Any hair that has been effected by chemical lightening is at least six inches down on my head. Only my natural dark gold color exists on the crown for at least six inches. All the new white hairs that come in are not very long...maybe an inch or two. As I've been plucking these, I've been noticing something extremely weird happening within the last year. Some of them have dark roots. Now I know that these hairs are natural white and not unnaturally lightenened. First of all, I never lightened streaks in my hair *that much.* All my lightened hair has some pigmentation in it, and it glistens light gold in the light. These hairs are white. They do not glisten. Also, as described before, all the lightened hair has grown out and the natural growth is six inches long. Therefore, these white hairs that are only a few inches long at the longest did not even exist on my head when I streaked the hair, and the dark part of the root is only about an inch or less. So the dark roots are not because the hair was originally "dark" and "dyed"...the dark roots were originally white hairs that decide to turn dark. I do not know why this is, but I have been saving these hairs in case anyone wants to do a study on me. Maybe I've inadvertently discovered the fountain of youth...I don't know. But it's sure weird. I guess I'll stop plucking for a while.


My husband has just begun to get his first couple of gray now I'm going to be obsessed with checking the root color. That is pretty odd....

Posted by Nicole @ 06:16:2002:06:05 PM CST

That's kind of odd, but anyway, you should stop plucking away all the hairs you aren't satisfied with ;o] I didn't know you used to dye your hair, I thought you were naturally that blonde, hmm, must mean you've done a good job ;o]

Posted by Nico @ 06:17:2002:03:40 AM CST

I didn't dye it...I just used to streak it a few years ago. It wasn't that obvious because I *am* a natural blonde. :-)

Posted by Ann @ 06:17:2002:07:50 AM CST

I used to streak and dye and whatever too, infact I'm so unnatural that I'm almost artificial ;o]
B.t.w, did you hear that the fire in Colorado was started by someone who worked in a national park and suddenly got the urge to burn a letter from her ex-husband?

Posted by Nico @ 06:17:2002:11:27 AM CST

I have really long, dark hair. I color it dark to cover the skunk streak that grows in almost a line from the widow's peak to the crown. When it first started to turn color in my early 20's, I plucked the white ones out but then quickly realized that I was changing the shape of my hairline! There was a time where I had short, spikey hair in the front and long everywhere else!

Posted by ali @ 06:17:2002:12:17 PM CST

Ali, sounds like you could have Bride of Frankenstein or Lily Munster hair if you let it go. Actually, I thought my hair would do that, but I don't have enough of the white ones for it to be noticeable, plus my hair is naturally light so it's not as dramatic. Bummer. Once I have enough for them to actually change the shape of my hairline if I pluck, that's when I'm stopping. ;-)

Nico, we're psychicly (spelling?) linked, you know. I was going to write about that exact topic. What a freakin' Disney Witch! In a little fit of witchy-dancing hysteria, this whacko decides to burn the letter. In a National Park. That she works for. During a drought. No wonder the guy's her *ex* husband. I guess he's glad she's out of his life. What a flipwad. Couldn't just throw the letter away. Or keep it for posterity in her "weird" file (everyone should have one of those). No, she has to go through some sort of ritualistic hystrionics of burning it, meanwhile displacing thousands of people, dozens of them permanently. Lock her up for good.

Posted by Ann @ 06:17:2002:12:40 PM CST

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