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12:20:2002 Entry: "Ann : Tale of two "Steves""

Tale of two "Steves"

I was in Madison, and I was sitting at a table with some people, one who I used to know from high school in Fort Collins, yet our topic of conversation wasn't Fort Collins or the past. For the sake of this dream, I'm calling him "Steve." IRL, Steve was an identical twin. His twin was more of a jock, quieter. Steve was more outgoing, hung around with girls, and if he wasn't gay, I'll eat an entire tube of lipbalm. Steve is one of the very few people I'd actually *like* to see again from high school...he was pretty fun. IRL, I saw him again after high school in 1981 standing in line to get Andy Warhol's signature when Andy visited CSU. So, back to the dream. Steve and I and some other people were talking, and I was looking at a magazine that had some ad in it for some designer clothes. The people modeling the clothes looked like statues or mannequins because they were all grey, like marble. I looked closer, and realized one of the persons in the ad was this guy I've had a crush on, to various extents, since 1985. Ironically, his name is also Steve (which isn't his real name either, but the real names of the two "Steves" is the same...make sense?) I look again at the ad and realize my crush Steve is replicated for all the models in the ad. I tell gay Steve that I have had a crush on the guy in the ad for a long time, dating back from when I was in Fort Collins. Then I say, "but you're from Fort Collins, aren't you?" Then our conversation turns to Fort Collins as if it is sort of a forbidden topic that no one wants to discuss.


..... I don't think this is an actual web page. In any case. My name is Steve. This is all new to me. I found you in the 1%ers column having the most, statistically, visits and link offs> 27 and another relatively high #.... So, I read some of your stuff and you talked about duplicate Steves and a gay one,... and, I am a gay Steve also. So, they are accumulating, and of course, this is not a dream anymore. You probably don't have a crush on me, and, of course, I am gay. So, that wouldn't matter much. Have you read any Noam Chomsky or Micheal Polanyi, Gregory Bateson? Now that would make it a coincidence, wouldn't it?

bye, Steve

Posted by steve @ 06:25:2002:02:26 PM CST

Heh. Well, don't mean to disappoint you, but as I stated before, Steve is not the real name of these men...they're pseudonyms for the sake of this journal.

Posted by Ann @ 06:25:2002:02:31 PM CST

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