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12:20:2002 Entry: "Ann : DREAM-Unifinished Photo Shop"

DREAM-Unifinished Photo Shop

Stan and I were at a camera store in Fort Collins waiting in line to get some film developed. There was a really creepy pasty-white guy with greasy hair and an unbuttoned shirt who walked in and kept making rude comments to a woman who was in line ahead of me. Then, Stan walked out, got into the car and started to drive off. I ran out after him and told him not to leave without me, that I wasn't ready to leave yet. He told me not to worry, that he was just pulling the car around to pick me up at the door as it looked like it was going to storm outside. Then a woman who was a light-skinned African wearing traditional African dress got out of Stan's car with a bunch of kids and came into the store to wait with me. The clerks, (all male) at the camera store were talking to someone on the phone regarding attending a funeral of a former coworker (a young female). I thought they were going to shut down the store without me able to drop off my film. It was taking forever to get waited on, and finally I just woke up, but it was like I couldn't get out of dream mode because I was tossing and turning and moaning and yelling. Stan told me that I was having a dream, but I had to tell him, "But I'm not finished with the photo shop yet" or something. He just didn't understand that I needed to drop off my order before I completed the dream!


It sucks to wake up before one is finished with what one is doing in ones dreams, whether it's killing, flying or just eating icecream.

Posted by Nico @ 07:08:2002:01:39 PM CST

Your dream journal looks great!! I loved reading through some of your dreams :).

Posted by Illusia @ 07:08:2002:03:20 PM CST

Thank you, lllusia...and welcome to Screen Dream!

Nico...killing? I think I'd rather wake up from that one! ;-)

Posted by Ann @ 07:08:2002:04:44 PM CST

I guess I kill someone every night and I hate to be interrupted when I'm working ;)

Posted by Nico @ 07:08:2002:06:45 PM CST

That's disturbing. Do you remember who you kill, or are they faceless people? Once I had a dream Stan killed a guy (faceless) and we were trying to cover up the murder and bury him, and I went the rest of the day with a very disturbed feeling. I think I wrote about it a while ago.

Posted by Ann @ 07:09:2002:09:50 AM CST

By Ann @ 20:23 AM CST:12:20:02 ..::Link::..