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12:20:2002 Entry: "Ann : This paradigm shift calls for a reevaluation."

This paradigm shift calls for a reevaluation.

Old Statement: I hate cellphones.

ReEvaluation: I do not hate cellphones. The cellphone itself is rather cute. It cannot be hated.

RePhrase: I hate the way some people act when in posession of a cellphone. They act as if no one else is around. They speak loudly and obnoxiously. When among friends, they do not say, "I need to call so and so," they just whip it out and call. They use them indiscriminately, in the supermarket, in Target, and for the most banal of conversations that could be conducted elsewhere and that serve no purpose other than to show other people in their physical proximity, "hey, I have a cellphone." They drive carelessly when they are holding one while driving, paying no attention to other drivers or pedestrians. Some people should have their cellphone licenses taken away for being complete boors with no manners.

Old Statement: Cellphones are a luxury (in response to Rich Whiteman's statement, "cellphones are a necessity").

RePhrase: Two phones are a luxury. One phone is a necessity.

ReEvaluation: Stan and I will now be part of the third world, a cellphone, and no land line. Land lines are too expensive.


Yes, I realize that this link has absolutely nothing to do with your entry, but I thought you'd be interested in it and didn't want you to have to log on to retrieve your mail. :-)

Congrats on the new phone and cable will love the cable (may hate the cell, depending on, well, quite a few things.)

Have a happy day!

Posted by Kim @ 07:17:2002:02:18 PM CST

That's what I did too, actually...I make a lot of long-distance calls since I live away from home (that sounds funny, doesn't it?) so it's cheaper to just pay the $30 a month for all the calls I need to make than the $15 + all the long distance calls (which usually ends up over $40/month)...and it's convenient, because I can call people when I get lost (which, with my sense of direction, is often).

Anyway, yes. Cell phones are not the evil. It's the way people use them.

Posted by Amber @ 07:17:2002:07:41 PM CST

As the only person left in the western world who doesn't have a cellphone I'm almost proud, all though I would probably have one or two if I didn't have phonephobia ;)

Posted by Nico @ 07:18:2002:06:38 AM CST

Kim - thanks for the link.

Amber - yes, it does sound funny (living away from home), but I know what you mean.

Nico - I think my parents will have you beat as far as being the last person on earth. I thought I'd be, but I wasn't expecting my phone lines to turn to crap like this.


Posted by Ann @ 07:18:2002:07:41 AM CST

By Ann @ 20:24 AM CST:12:20:02 ..::Link::..