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12:20:2002 Entry: "Ann : DREAM - Stan as Ozzy"

DREAM - Stan as Ozzy

I was rubbing up against Stan and wanting him to umm....but I think we were in a public place and sort of couldn't, so we were trying to be discreet. The place we were was was like a large hardware store or woodworking shop. There were a bunch of men there, and there was an older man who was in charge. I remember climbing up some stairs on a loft. I also remember a birthday cake. The main man was like an art professor except he wasn't jerky like the ones from UW...he was more good natured. He was also talking about staging a play with some sort of horror or halloween theme, and Stan was saying he wanted to play Ozzy Osbourne* (sp?). Then Stan started doing his Ozzy impression. The older guy laughed, said that was a good idea, but that maybe it wasn't right for the play, and then Stan got some other idea about playing some Nazi or something. I don't know, it was very, very strange. I think maybe the dinner I had last night with friends effected it because we were talking about South Park and Cartman dressing up as Hitler.

*Stan MUST be Ozzy for Halloween, if not this year because of our vacation plans, then next. Or sometime. The impression is incredible...and we haven't even fitted him with round sunglasses and drawn tattoos on his arms. And as his language coach, we're working on getting the Ozspeak down, although I think verbally I sound more like him than Stan does.


What the...? Well, I like Ozzy Osbourne. I canīt understand a word he says but...heīs really one cool old man. *grin*

Posted by Nina @ 07:20:2002:10:21 AM CST

I find it highly disturbing to imagine Stan as Osbourne, cause opposite to Nina here, I find the whole Ozzy (and his family) and their lack of braincells far from cool, it's almost sad actually to see what drugs and alcohol can do to a person. Please, let Stan be someone else!!! ;)

Posted by Nico @ 07:22:2002:02:06 PM CST

Well, I'm sort of indifferent to the whole Ozzy thing myself. I find it all rather humorous. Oddly enough, I was never into Black Sabbath, although some people who were born in the '50s find that hard to believe ("you mean with all that dark music you listen/ed to, you never got into black sabbath"?). I guess it's sort of like a self-parody, a Spinal Tapestry (my word! don't steal!) of a boring old rockstar in a cautionary tale of drugs are bad, mmmkay? Yet it speaks to the cycle of life...the young becoming the old and we all becoming what we hate and the never-ending generational struggles.

That sounded like a college thesis abstract.

Maybe that doesn't make any sense.

Maybe it's good to see what drugs and alcohol can do to a person, you know? Ya end up a blundering old fart like Ozzy. Of course there are plenty of blundering old farts who were tea totalers too...

But if you could see Stan as Ozzy, Nico, you would laugh. ;-D

Posted by Ann @ 07:22:2002:04:36 PM CST


Posted by mikko.kajula @ 12:25:2002:08:21 AM CST


Posted by mikko.kajula @ 12:25:2002:08:21 AM CST

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