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12:20:2002 Entry: "Ann : Stressed. Again."

Stressed. Again.

Aaack. After I wrote down that dream I started crying. Poor little puppy. I'm feeling very emotional right now.

I wrote this out the other day, but never posted it:
"I am so incredibly angry right now. This one company that processes payments for my domain host keeps rebilling me a yearly charge every day now (for five days straight!). I want to strangle someone. I called my cc company to put it into dispute and to get a new cc# issued. I called the offending company yesterday to tell them what was happening, they said they will fix it, but they obviously didn't. I email them, nothing. I email Aletia (my ::cough:: webhost, nothing.) I put in a support ticket and some twerp responds with a canned response that they'll contact the higher authorities, but they never do, I know, because I've been through it before. I know that I any future charges can be disputed through my cc co., but I want it stopped NOW. And no one is listening. Aaaaargh."

So, I'm trying to find a new host. I think I have one lined up, and if that doesn't work, I have some other alternatives.

I suspect that there will be downtime on this journal as I switch hosts, as I will need to redo the cgi-bin configuration for the greymatter files. I hate that stuff. Sometimes a certain part of me just wants to go back to blogger, for pete's sake. I have no idea when that will be, however.

I have to transfer ann-s-thesia immediately, as the account comes due on the 8th. I have until the end of September to transfer eyebalm/ornamentalillness/dingbatcave.

I hate this. I hate it when good hosts go bad.

On a good note, we're doing the caterpillar thing this year again. So far have released three Monarchs, but we have LOTS of growing caterpillars and eggs waiting to hatch. Last year we counted about 80+ butterflies we raised.


Now that you have cable why don't you run your own webservers?

I use TZO for the dynamic DNS service (since the cable connection isn't dynamic)

Posted by Leann @ 08:02:2002:10:44 AM CST

I mean.. cable IS dynamic.. not static.. TZO creates the static ip for you.

Posted by Leann @ 08:02:2002:10:47 AM CST

Well, for one, I'm extremely unknowledgable about the technical aspects of this, and have no one to help me with it. Second, my cable connection is the "silver" plan, meaning that it's the lowest speed plan that they have, (256 kbps download? (lower upload speed)) so I'm sure connection times would be quite clogged. I'm also not sure that Charter's acceptable use policy would include running servers off their lines. Third...can't afford a server, and the old computer that could become one is too old and slow.

Posted by Ann @ 08:02:2002:10:53 AM CST

Can't wait to see hear more about the caterpillars and the monarchs. It amazes me how long it takes for them to reach you and start the breeding process there. They've been gone from N. Central Texas (where I am) since late April/early May! Anyway, enjoy them. You can tell the "early" 'flies that I'll be looking for them in another month or so. :)

Sorry about your web-hosting nightmare. Sounds like a pain in the a**.

Have a good weekend!

Posted by Kim @ 08:02:2002:11:10 AM CST

Yes, can see why you hate it. And I hate the idea of you and your blog being down for days because of the bad host. They suck! :o

Posted by Nico @ 08:03:2002:04:05 PM CST

Some dreams seem to be way too realistic, donīt you think so? But the good thing about dreams is that youīll forget them easily after some time! So just donīt think about it anymore!

Posted by Nina @ 08:04:2002:03:19 AM CST

Oh no, Nina, I never forget my dreams. And that's why I write them down, if I ever do happen to forget, I want a permanent record of them so I will never forget again. But the dream was sad in a good way. Dreams are much less disturbing than the things going on in my real life.

Posted by Ann @ 08:04:2002:12:04 PM CST

I think it's with dreams like real life, some episodes and happenings is stuck in your mind forever, while others are gone the next moment, like when one wake up and can't remember to have dreamt anything. Like one sometimes can't remember what one did the evening before (or maybe that's something that happens when one have been drinking too much? ;o)

Posted by Nico @ 08:04:2002:03:56 PM CST

By Ann @ 20:24 AM CST:12:20:02 ..::Link::..