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12:20:2002 Entry: "Ann : DREAM - Hotel"

DREAM - Hotel

I was travelling somewhere with my parents and Stan. I checked into a hotel, a rather swanky one in a downtown area of a sort of smallish town. I was in a pickup (so un-me), and drove inside of the hotel with it. I was given room #119. My mom was with me, but Stan and my dad weren't around. We were driving up and down the halls looking for #119, but couldn't find it. Then we finally found it, but the door was disguised and behind a mirror. We entered the room, and it was huge, like a giant classroom. It didn't look like a hotel room at all. There were three huge beds with those tall posts (I actually hate those things), but they were all clustered together in a row...not very private. I was glad that the beds were so large, but wouldn't appreciate sleeping in such close proximity to my parents. Then Stan showed up and I asked him if he wanted to sleep here or in his own room. Weird.

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