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12:20:2002 Entry: "Ann : More talk about Love"

More talk about Love

You know what? I am psychic. I think she did get a nose job *after* this entry/dream of mine, which despite the erroneous Greymatterscriptscrewup top date, was actually posted on May 28 of this year (note the comments). Just doing a little of my own investigation...

I don't care what anyone says, I think she looked better pre-plastic surgery. So what if her nose was big. So what if anyone's nose is big. What is the BFD about bignosephobia and why can't people deal with what they are dealt when what they are dealt is perfectly in the range of NORMAL? It's not as if any of these plasticly-altered celebrities were the Elephant Man or something. On an related aside, take a look at this HisTory of Michael Jackson's face (which contains the hilariously memorable line "Even the staunch defenders of Michael's sanity have to admit the boy's cheese has slid off his cracker.")...will this be the fate of Courtney some day in her eternal quest for world domination?

My nose (and everything else on my body except for four teeth I had pulled by a dentist before I got braces when I was 13 so that all my teeth would fit in my mouth) is completely intact and screw anyone who suggests I should ever alter myself to look a certain way. And I am far from a model, it's not as if I have room to say this because I'm perfect. I have a big nose--not only is the bottom part bulbous, but it also has a bump on the bridge which I rather fancy. It actually looked bigger when I was younger before I got plumper cheeks to distract from its schnozzitude. I have no cheekbones. I'm short. I used to look heroin chic in an era when it wasn't cool to be and now I'm plumper than I should be in an era when it's cool to be heroin chic (according to society's standard). My head is long and narrow like anemic British royalty. My mouth is too small to accommodate all 32 teeth an adult is given, and if it weren't for the orthodontia my parents forced on me, I'd probably never open up my mouth to smile. And my severe jawline angle which contributes to my oral crowding would be a challenge for even the most skilled plastic surgeon to correct. But you know what? I don't care. You could offer me FREE plastic surgery and I wouldn't fix a thing.

Screw anyone who is so insecure with themselves that they resort to these sorts of operations that should be reserved for those who need it to function, breathe or just maintain a normal, healthy life. Plastic surgery should have a huge tax attached to it so that when one gets a vanity job, a large portion will go into a fund to help the truly unfortunate of this world whose deformities are actually causing them health problems.

On behalf of the TRUE punk women of this world (punk as an attitude, ethos and not a music label), screw plastic surgery. Screw those indulgers who can't deal with the truth which is themselves, screw them if they're so weak that they can't say "Yeah, I resemble my asshole father, so *uck*g' what?" (I'm also talking about someone Stan and I know personally here, not just famous celebrity hasbeens). You can disguise your face, but your soul will always show the truth.


I think it's sad if some people are so insecure because of how they look. I'm not sure plastic surgery is the solution to that, I think it would be better to work with the person's selfconfidence in other ways. How people look mean too much and get too much attention, I think half of the magazines and commercials is about how looking better will make you happy and your life perfect. I think/know that looking good is a lot more important in the US than in Europe, so I can imagine it's pretty hard to not be any close to the latest ideal, if you're a young, insecure person.

Posted by Nico @ 08:06:2002:04:02 PM CST

I'm sure you're right, Nico, about it being worse here; Americans have always seemed notoriously superficial. And it seems to be getting worse here too. I thought it was bad when I was young, but I'm sure glad I'm not young NOW.

Posted by Ann @ 08:06:2002:04:18 PM CST

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